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Over 118,000 children have been discharged from hospitals with a diagnosis of suicidality or intent for self harm from 2007- 2015 in The United States of America. Children below the age eleven represented over 15,000 of the discharges. Out of the 118,000 youth over 59,000 youth between the ages of 15-17 were discharged. Thirty five percent plus were between the ages of twelve and fourteen in a study done on children and depression and children and suicide.

Depression and suicidal thoughts in the summer in the month of July decreased when looking at the year from a month to month perspective . Children and teens suicidal thoughts increased in frequency around the same time that school typically started up again.

There are many reasons a child could be depressed or have suicidal thoughts: divorce, bullying, change in school, family challenges, physical abuse, sexual abuse, family violence, family history of depression and mental health issues, family conflict, socio economic factors, substance abuse issues in the family, poor communication, poor self esteem, negative thinking, emotional and behavioral challenges, learning hurdles, school stress, academic stress, social stress, relationships at school, relationships in general, family stress, identity issues, puberty, cyberbullying and more.

Parents can become more aware that their child is depressed and can take action. Parents recognizing symptoms like the following but not limited to these are red flags to get help: isolating behavior, loss of joy, angry all the time, change in sleep habits, change in eating habits, spending less time with family, spending less time with peers or friends, shutting down and not communicating, feeling sad, feeling down, crying , suicidal thoughts, self harm behaviors, giving things away, feeling helpless, feeling hopeless, finding no motivation or joy in school or activities outside of school, negative self talk, and many more symptoms are red flags that your child needs professional help as soon as possible!

Over 20 Million children are on psychotropic medications. These medications may create a change in emotional state and this may reduce a child’s impulse control, HOWEVER, this also could contribute to suicidal urges in youth, children, and teens and is recognized by pharmaceutical companies on their packaging and with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists. David

There are many evidence based techniques that can help with mood issues: EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, DBT, and more that created desired change. David Abrams MAPC, LPC specializes in working with youth and families and helps find balance and health at home and at school as well as looking at self esteem, behaviors, communication, respect, academics, and more learning tools to find success.

Lifeworks AZ: Lifeworksaz.com has been working with children and families treating depression and more for over ten years. For more info go to the web site lifeworksaz.com David R Abrams MAPC, LPC, CAGS. David specializes in children, teens and family mental health issues.

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