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Teen and adolescent years are extremely challenging for youth. It is important for parents to keep communication open and honest. Talking about your own fears and concerns are important as well.

Understand that teen mental health issues are treatable. Counseling can address many mental health issues as well as a psychiatrist for med management.

Severe changes in your child’s behavior can be a huge indication your child or teen is in need of support from a professional in the field of mental health.

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, behavioral issues like oppositional defiance, substance abuse, a loss of self esteem, declines in academics, sleep issues and disorders, personality shifts, aggressiveness, excess anger can indicate psychological problems.

For boys aged nine to 15, suicide is now reportedly the second most common cause of death. It is a troubling statistic and one that reflects wider concerns.

Happy children have a better chance of becoming successful children and that’s why we see their emotional development as being just as important as their academic development.

Depression, anger, anxiety, body image, social skills, and self esteem are just a few areas that need to be addressed as well as behavioral and emotional issues.

A study published in Lancet Psychiatry, found that 14-year-old teens who had contact with counseling services had a greater decrease in depressive symptoms than those with similar difficulties but without contact. By the age of 17, the odds of reporting clinical depression were more than SEVEN TIMES higher in individuals without contact than in service users who had been similarly depressed at baseline. This includes other mental health services as well.

Contact with mental health services appeared to be of such value that after three years the levels of depressive symptoms of service users with a mental disorder were similar to those of almost 1000 unaffected individuals.

“Mental health and emotional issues can be painful for children, teens and adults . Research worldwide shows clearly that if we intervene at an early stage, we can see potentially dramatic improvements in teen and child symptoms of depression and reduce the risk that they go on to develop severe depressive illness.

Early prevention and finding balance through counseling, and parenting is vital for success. Looking at : sleep, diet, peers, social, self esteem, exercise, friendships, healthy habits, emotional and behavioral issues must all be addressed to spring board your child or teen into balance and success.

Teens have pain and stress and get anxious and depressed. Many adolescents are stressed about : family relationships, peer relationships, grades at school, about future careers, future jobs, future schooling , college?

Anxiety and depression are on the rise since 2012 as well as self harm. Cutting or self harm is also on the rise among adolescents as well as children. Self harm is on the rise and it is not only girls there is a high level of boys that are participating in s elf harm. Most who self harm are doing so to cope with anxiety and depression of course not all but a lot are coping with anxiety and depression. It is important to discover what is going on that is creating anxiety and depression to help each unique child as well as look at all areas of life that are causing great emotional pain.

Over 3 million teens reported an episode of depression in the past year. Over two million teens reported an incident of depression that impacted daily activities and habits. Almost seven million teens have reported an anxiety disorder. keep in mind this what is reported and there must be figures that are much higher than what is being reported statistically. Experts believe that over 27 million teens have experienced an anxiety disorder or an incident of depression that has impacted their daily functioning.

Adolescent teens have grown up watching terror and have gone through a huge recession. It is hard to get away from all the electronic screens and most media is relaying fear and negative messages to youth. When most youth have at least three screens or more it is hard to shut down the fear based stimuli unless there are strict limits enforced daily. Advertisements are bombarding youth from phones, tv, video games, web sites, movie sites, music sites and it is hard for youth to get away from it all. Most of it induces stress.

Boundaries are not being set and this is creating huge problems in relationships and at school and with mental health. Children are zoning out and parents are zoning out and time spent talking is a commodity.

Teens are stressed about dong well at school and getting into college or having a career or a job. Anxiety is a very big piece of most youths lives today in 2016. On the outside adolescents may present as calm however on the inside is great anxiety and pain.

Online bullying is big and is on the rise so not only can someone bully a child in person they can do it covertly online and cause horrible damage to children and teenagers. Many youth have committed due to bullying recently. Children and teens are cruel and unkind over instagram and show little compassion or kindness at all. Children do not want to go to school and are down and depressed due to the way others are treating them online.

Children and teens are distressed at a high level and mask it with games and music and other distractions. It is vital to talk about their thoughts and feelings daily in depth for their emotional health and physical health. Counseling can provide that balance for mental and physical health. has expertise in working with youth and families


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