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Below are two articles regarding teens and bullying as well as vaping. Both are huge issues that impact a child’s mental health as well as physical health and both are on the rise in schools throughout the United States. A school in New York is testing a device to detect those that are vaping in school. The sensor can detect tobacco or marijuana etc that is in the air and notifies the administration asap. The school also has a device that can detect : fighting, yelling, and bullying via sound as well as using other detection elements to decrease bullying. I have some information regarding vaping and bullying and how it imapcts your child or teen below.

Children and teens have many stressors in life. Youth are struggling to understand their emotional and social world. Adolescents and children are struggling with academics, chores, family obligations, teachers, new schools, homework, peers, self esteem, hormone changes, body image issues, and much more. The last thing a child needs is to deal with bullying.

Children that are bullied need mental health counseling services at a rate of twice those that are not bullied. Bullying is associated with : depression, anxiety, cutting, self harm, and many other psychological mental health disorders.

Cyberbullying is happening with children and teens and is hidden from parents via: instagram, snapchat, Facebook, whatsapp, texting, and other applications on your child’s smartphone or electronic device. Ganging up on someone and victimizing them and humiliating them is abuse and it is not humor. Many children and teens have committed suicide based on cyberbullying. Parents can monitor and discuss above with their children and monitor their digital footprints.

Teens and children are spending between 6-9 hours per day on electronic devices. Youth in America according to a recent study of over 3000 youth show they are spending more time on media and electronic devices including phones than they are sleeping. The cell phone, Tv, You tube videos, cell phone games, texting , instagram, snapchat, video games, netflix , hula are distracting children from homework, exercise, and healthy face to face relationships. Children and Teenagers are in their room jumping from one electronic device to another and it is having a negative impact on learning and grades! I had a news reporter tell me that we do not know the impact of media on children. There are thousands of studies showing that children and teens are out of balance with media use, tv, cell phone use, and video games. The experts state children should be using no more than 1.5 hours per day . This includes the pediatric medical community. So media Health Care Doctors, Psychologists, Researchers, and world experts maintain we must limit the exposure to electronics. It impacts sleep, mood, performance, social skills, academic success and more in a negative manner.

Teenagers between the ages of 13-18 are spending on average nine hours per day on electronics: tv, netflix, texting, you tube, Facebook, instagram,social networking, snapchat, video games, online videos. Teens are rarely maintaining 7 hours of sleep per night during the school week.

Children are also using electronic media at a high rate. Youth ages 9-12 are averaging six hours per day of electronic media use nd this does not include time for homework.

Seventy percent of teens do not believe that watching tv, texting, playing video games, surfing the net impacts their ability to study and learn. Research shows this not to be the case in fact it is the opposite of what the teens believe.

Teen Boys are spending a great deal of time on video games. Male teens spend almost ten times the amount of time on video games and online gaming as well as cell phone gaming. Teen girls spend more time on social media than boys and girls spend more time reading than boys.

Parents are in a power position to set boundaries for: sleep, gaming, texting, Tv, Homework, and more. If parents do not set firm limits than an immature child will be sucked into the vortex of games and entertainment and will be in their rooms drunk with power. Family communication will deteriorate, grades will go south, negative behaviors will become more frequent, family stress will increase, and mental and physical health will be poor.

Being bullied and teens and school age children that are rejected lead to feelings of powerlessness and isolation. Victims often feel an extremely intense desire to regain their power and turn to violent behaviors to regain their power.

Twenty five percent of students are bullied and of these children seventy percent are bullied at school.

Studies show that students that have been bullied often are very likely to be vulnerable to: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social isolation, sleep issues and disorders, substance and drug dependence and alcohol abuse, cutting, and more mental health issues. Post traumatic stress Disorder and suicide have also been linked to bullying. Long term psychological damage is linked to bullying and abuse ( emotional, verbal, physical, mental).

Gov legislation and laws have not stopped the violence. We have had 50 school shootings since Sandy Hook only a few years ago this is outrageous and sad and tragic.

We must teach children and teens mood management skills, stress management, social skills, healthy way to communicate thoughts and feelings and more. We need to teach children and teenagers: compassion, empathy, kindness, tolerance, respect, and coping skills for life. We must encourage youth to talk about bullying to parents and to share the info with the principal and all teachers and not look the other way. Cyberbullying also must be discussed it is happening with exponential frequency and is not ok.

Obtaining counseling for children and counseling for teens is important to address bullying to help youth learn skills to address this pain and provide parents solutions so your child does not suffer long term psychological disorders and other forms of harm to family, peers, or self.

Schools need to feel safe physically and emotionally for children and teenagers. Schools must be pro active with anti bullying programs and seminars and education on bullying on a regular basis. Schools should devote time to mental health issues since they will ooze out daily in the schools so it must be addressed!

A child that is victimized very likely will grow up and become a victimizer to peers, wives, friends etc. It is important to teach healthy boundaries( physical, mental, emotional) and healthy choices, right from wrong and also make sure your child is safe from bullying.

Lifeworksaz.com counseling has a specialty working with children, teens , and families that have been bullied or are victimizing others helping them create health and success in their lives.





High Schools are implementing devices that have sensors that can detect if a child or teen is vaping in school and it notifies administrators via cell phone right away with a new detection device that is being tested. Vaping tobacco as well as marijuana is on the rise among teens and adults.

Many teens are using marijuana “weed” via vaping . Vaping allows teens to smoke without the smell of smoke on their clothing and less visual side effects . Many also may think their teen is smoking tobacco versus marijuana .

Thirty plus percent of teens that use marijuana are vaping according to a national study .

Pot use can be hidden through vaping . Vaping uses liquid and it is not easy to detect when vaping . The usual smell of weed disappears via vaping .

Vaping has increased over 300 percent in the past few years for teen adolescents .

Vaping can cause many health problem stir adolescents and teens. The teenage brain is still developing and many big problems can impact teens that use marijuana or Vape.

Decreased sperm count , slow learning , lack of motivation , lung damage , short term memory loss , emotional development stunted and much more.

Many teens and children are smoking and vaping to cope with teen issues : stress at home , stress at school , anxiety , depression , pain , peer issues , social issues , academic stressors and more .

Finding healthy life skills and tools for youth is vital for a healthy and balanced teen and adult success .


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