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Teen suicide among girl teens and boy teens is at and all time high. Many teens are feeling worthless and unloved and these thoughts can only feed negative behaviors. Teens need to feel like they are more than their Grade Point Average.

If your child is struggling with : academics, behavior issues, mood issues, depression, anxiety, anger, ADD, ADHD, Defiance, low self esteem, poor communication skills, relationship issues with the family, causing stress than make sure you get your child professional help from one who specializes in children and family issues. www.lifeworksaz.com

Adolescents and children must know they are unique and loved for their personality traits and strengths and not performance alone. Teens are human beings not human doings! All children need and deserve love sweet love. Children must know they have worth not based on perfect behaviors or grades just because they are who they are a special gift to the world. We need to spend time accepting our children and less time judging them. We need to spend more time listening to our children and less time criticizing them and being present with them.

Teens are stressed about dong well at school and getting into college or having a career or a job. Anxiety is a very big piece of most youths lives today in 2016. On the outside adolescents may present as calm however on the inside is great anxiety and pain.

Online bullying is big and is on the rise so not only can someone bully a child in person they can do it covertly online and cause horrible damage to children and teenagers. Many youth have committed due to bullying recently. Children and teens are cruel and unkind over instagram and show little compassion or kindness at all. Children do not want to go to school and are down and depressed due to the way others are treating them online.

Children and teens are distressed at a high level and mask it with games and music and other distractions. It is vital to talk about their thoughts and feelings daily in depth for their emotional health and physical health. Counseling can provide that balance for mental and physical health.

More info below on teens and mood and depression.

Depression is on the rise in the USA among children and adolescents is one of the highest reasons for death among youth in THE USA; AMERICA. This includes Phoenix Arizona, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Arcadia, Biltmore, and Ahwatukee, Arizona. It has been on the rise for a very long time.

Depression in children and teens is on the rise and depression is the number one cause of disability in the world. The World Health Org states that by 2020 Depression will be the second largest cause of suffering throughout the globe.

In many cases children and adults are taking antidepressants despite studies in many cases stating they are no more effective than a sugar pill ( placebo) and some cases can lead to suicide and in some cases are extremely dangerous. Strokes increased 45% for women on antidepressants in a study with over 136,000 woman.

The journal of the American Medical Association stated” the magnitude of benefits of antidepressant medication compared with placebo increases with severity of depression symptoms and may be minimal or nonexistent, on average, in patients with mild or moderate symptoms. Research shows medication alone is not as effective unless counseling is going on.

There are many studies connecting low cholesterol world wide with the risk of developing depression.

Experts world wide have a variety of reasons and research that supports many rationales behind depression. Many experts believe it has to do with hormones and some believe it is hereditary. It is carried in the genetic code and it is important to look at a family’s history and gene pool to see potential links to depression and bipolar disorders.

Brain inflammation and gut inflammation have links to depression; gluten has been a focal point. Experts believe society and Big Pharma spend all their time focusing on symptoms and there is limited time focusing on prevention. Experts in medicine have made a case for linking gluten sensitivity from many brain disorders like depression and Bipolar disorder. It has also made the link to ADHD, Schzophrenia and epilepsy.

A lack of certain Vitamins like Vitamin D has been connected to increased risk of diseases like depression, bipolar, and many mood disorders. Vitamin D deficiency is not just about an increase in weak bones it is associated with one’s risk for depression!

Above is just one reason why a depressed mood is present in your child, adolescent or an adult. There are many other reasons like sleep habits and diet and negative cognitions, low self esteem, judgmental thoughts, negative thoughts, lack of exercise, trauma, stressors in life from family to work to school to relationships.

Lifeworksaz.com David Abrams has worked with children, teens and adults with depression and bipolar disorders for over 15 years. He uses a wide array of strategies to address the roots of depression to help manage mood and create health and balance in your child or yourself.



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