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Learning to manage stress is vital in the development children. Another huge piece in developing child health and well being is social and emotional development. It is vital for a child to learn to identify and recognize feelings daily and learn how to regulate these emotions.

The ability to recognize relations and the ability to respond to someone isles feelings is essential for a healthy and well balanced adult.

Learning to manage feelings and impulsivity is vital for success at home as well as for success academically in the schools.

Many children and teens have strong left brains however they are out of balance as far as their emotional IQ. This can be learned and developed and nurtured.

If you want your child to have healthy behaviors in life and emotions he or she must take time to work on learning ways to manage anger, impulsivity, frustration etc.

One in five children and teenagers suffer from a mental health diagnosis according to the center for disease and control in the United States of America. This is approximately 19 million children with a mental health disorder according to the latest statistics.

Experts state that addressing these mental health issues; conduct disorder, oppositional defiance, low self esteem, anxiety, phobias, depression, mood disorders, anger issues, aspergers, autism, dyslexia, etc as early as possible gives children the best results for staying in school as well as future success and health in life.

Schools do not have the resources at all to address child and teen behavioral, emotional, and social challenges in the academic environment. Teachers are stressed out and do not have the tools nor the support to address mental health issues: ADHD, Social issues, Conduct disorder, oppositional defiance and more. Teachers are most likely to expel the child or teen from school due to lack of resources so the onus is on parents.

Children that get kicked out of school are three times more likely to be put in prison or jail. Expulsion can severely compromise future success for youth.

Children need tools at a very young age to manage stress , mood, and emotions as well as social dynamics. Parenting counseling as well as individual therapy and counseling has shown it will help a child learn to control emotions and a combined team approach will give best results according to research over the past thirty years. Parents that stay calm and use family counseling tips can create a win win where the child’s goals are met as well as the family goals including to school goals as well.

Children and teens can learn: compassion, kindness, healthy verbal communication skills.


In 2010 a very large study was done on children and teens with mental health disorders. The study states that 20 percent of children and adolescents have a mental health disorder. Some of the most common mental health disorders included: ADHD, ADD, Behavioral disorders, Conduct disorders , anxiety, depression, substance use, Autism spectrum disorders, Aspergers, Tourette syndrome and more.

Between 2007 and 2010 alone mental health inpatient services increased 25 percent. Hospitalization for mood disorders in youth has increased over 79 percent in the same time period. Psychotropic medications increased at a very high level as well.

There are many components that can increase mental health disorders in children. There is a biological component however environmental components play a huge role. Death of a loved one or pet can cause great trauma and anxiety to a child. Children must address their emotional needs during times of a loss. A parent that withdraws emotionally can have a significant impact on a child. The loss may be due to; marital issues, unemployment , alcohol or substance use, health issues, and more.

Parents usually hope to shield children from conflicts involved in a marriage. Hostility , rage and anger is very destructive to children and can rarely be hidden even though that is a parents true desire. Children very often feel: hopeless, helpless, and alone. Children need to feel secure and safe in this process and medication does not do so. Children that see physical and verbal violence often feel: helpless, humiliated, and terrified.

Children can be hurt with subtle changes in parenting. Contradictory parenting patterns, confusing parenting adversely will affect a child and adolescent.Children need an environment they can understand and that they can predict. An unpredictable environment makes them feel they can not do anything right. Self esteem, focus, and confidence are impaired and can develop hopeless responses to stressors.

Older children often can victimize younger sibling children. This can be traumatic and terrify children.

Changing schools can be extremely difficult and create social issues, anxiety, depressed mood, and more. Change is very hard for children and teenagers.

Major changes in family structure: births, remarriage, adoptions, blended families can create resentment, anger,anxiety, isolation and withdrawal fro children.

The cost of child mental health care costed over 250 Billion dollars in 2006. This included juvenile services, special education services, economic loss due to loss of productivity. T

The great news is that their are tools out there to help your child and teen create: health, balance and success through coaching, counseling,a nd therapy ( individual and family counseling and therapy). Lifeworksaz has a great deal of experience with children in: Scottsdale, Arizona, tempe Arizona, Chandler Arizona, Ahwatukee Arizona, Glendale Arizona, Paradise Valley Arizona, Phoenix Arizona and more.

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