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Over Sixty percent of parents surveyed in the United States feel that their child or Teenager is on a smartphone or Video Games or watching TV in a way that is harming them in many aspects of their life: academics, Family, Physical Health, Emotional health. Over 60 percent would like more parenting controls on the devices. Parental controls can be helpful however building an improved relationship with your child or adolescent teen is a vital issue that is not being addressed.

Many children and teens in my office would like a better relationship with their Mom or Dad. The child or teen does not have the skill set on their own to typically express their needs to build the child-Parent relationship they hope for and therefore stuff their thoughts and emotions and distract themselves with electronic devices.

I see many youth that are in emotional pain in relationship to their family dynamics. The Child’s wounds are real not imagined and their pain is great. Many children feel unloved or abandoned are not important and the relationship with the parent can improve with some Parenting and child counseling and Behavior modification to create a win win situation with your child or teen adolescent.

Many parents come to my office weekly with a wide array of challenges: disrespect, poor grades, anxiety, poor self esteem, poor social skills, Bipolar, addiction, depressed mood, defiance, conduct disorder, OCD, Aspergers, autism etc. All of these issues are important for a child, teen and family. Are smart phones the cause of these problems? They may not be the root cause of the problems , however, if your child is spending more than 1,5 hours a day : texting, you tubing, watching TV, playing games on his or her phone, playing  video games on a computer,x box, PS3 , DS player, smartphone, face booking, insta-gramming, snap chatting, TV, texting.. then all the above are more likely to occur.

Electronic devices and games are very addictive and are different than TV. Children and teens are sucked in by psychological principals that keep them attached to their devices. One psychological principle used is partial reinforcement. Children and teens are rewarded for various moves they make and can win rewards that are monetary and visual and auditory and your child is tapping in to many regions of the brain that are giving him or her natural chemicals that keep them playing. Also most children and teens would rather be on an electronic device you tubing or net flixing than doing algebra or an English paper or really most homework.

If your child is sucked into the electronic vortex chances are grades are not great and learning is not optimized. Your teen also is not learning social and interpersonal skills hiding behind the smart phone or computer or video game. Playing Halo online with friends is not “real life communication skills” that are needed for relationships and employment except possibly learning to write. So it is a very limited type of communication.

If your child is on electronics most of the day chances there relationship with family is suffering. Family communication is not optimized. It is important to learn face to face communication skills with family for healthy and happy relationships.

Over 50 percent of children under the age of two have been using smart phones. There are many reasons why smart phone use is not suggested by experts including American pediatric Organization and many more researchers in the field of child development and emotional and physical health.

The British government states that using: smart phones, Pc, I pads, Tablets, iPhones, video games, computers for young children will create severe emotional problems for your child. It can be challenges socially, insomnia, anxiety, depression, explosive anger, behavior issues and more. Human cues and human interaction and bonding are impacted by electronic devices.

Parents should be involved in: creative and active engagement with their children. Communication and teaching and playing with your child not games or electronic devices.

Children that watch or see aggression on TV, smart phones, video games, you tube will have aggressive thoughts and will likely ooze out with aggressive behavior verbally or physically. Garbage in Garbage out. You might be thinking well my child is playing creative games or educational games. I can assure you that they will be exposed to violent video games, shocking you tube videos, pornography ( majority of children under 8 exposed to it on phones or computers).  These visual images very likely will impact your child’s sleep patterns. Your child’s sleep impacts his or her mood. Your child’s mood will impact his or her school performance and social skills and self esteem. Family communication will decrease and interpersonal skills will diminish . It is vital to set serious limits and boundaries on your youth. Research shows 1 out of 9 youth are addicted to video games and their smart phones.

Obesity is on the rise in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. Throughout the United States of America over 20 percent of children 8-17 are considered obese. There are a few things contributing to this outcome. Poor diets, lack of exercise daily, and sitting around playing video games, net-flixing, smart phoning, and more..Take these items away and your child or teen will have a reason to go outside and play sports, ride a bike, go to a gym, dance, hike, swim, light weights, play football, throw a ball around, skateboard, join a group and become social. Friends on line are not real friends in the sense that most discuss gaming only and their is rarely a physical interaction with the gaming friends that live all across the world .

The electronics are taking away time from learning behavior skills, academic skills, social skills, life skills, Family relationships, self esteem, volunteering, friendships, academics success, sleep, and physical activity that is vital for mood regulation and for stress management. You can modify your child’s behavior through counseling and parenting tips .


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