Counseling Adolescent Teens Phoenix Arizona

Over twenty percent of children and adolescents have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder be it : ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety disorders, mood disorders etc.

Pharma research and marketing is spending a great deal of money on these medications. Most medications used is FDA off label. This means that the FDA does not have enough trials to approve it in use in children, teenagers, and adolescents.

Evidence based research states that children should not have medication alone and it should always be accompanied by counseling and psychotherapy !

Many observers have concluded that our schools and our families are failing to meet the needs of our children in a variety of ways. Focusing on schools, many teachers feel stressed by classroom conditions and ill-prepared to deal with emotional problems in the children. The classroom themselves are often too large, there are too few teaching assistants and volunteers to help out, and the instructional materials are often outdated and boring in comparison to the modern technologies that appeal to children.

By diagnosing and drugging our children, we shift blame for the problem from our social institutions and ourselves as adults to the relatively powerless children in our care. We harm our children by failing to identify and to meet their real educational needs for better prepared teachers, more teacher- and child-friendly classrooms, more inspiring curriculum, and more engaging classroom technologies.

At the same time, when we diagnosis and drug our children, we avoid facing critical issues about educational reform. In effect, we drug the children who are signaling the need for reform, and force all children into conformity with our bureaucratic systems.

Finally, when we diagnose and drug our children, we disempower ourselves as adults. While we may gain momentary relief from guilt by imagining that the fault lies in the brains of our children, ultimately we undermine our ability to make the necessary adult interventions that our children need. We literally become bystanders in the lives of our children.

It is time to reclaim our children from this false and suppressive medical approach. I applaud those parents who have the courage to refuse to give stimulants to their children and who, instead, attempt to identify and to meet their genuine needs in the school, home, and community.

Medical experts state children and adolescents on medications must be watched very carefully due to dangerous side effects that are not the same as side effects in adults on the same medications. Having a psychiatrist monitor the medications w great frequency is important.

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