Teen Counseling: Depression, Behavior, Anxiety

Many teenagers are feeling sad or down in the dumps or extremely stressed and anxious. Some adolescents are struggling with their friends at school. Children and adolescent teens are struggling to develop their place in society as well as form friendships and new relationships. Many Teenagers are struggling with communication with their parents at home. Children and teenagers are having great challenges with homework and obtaining passing grades . Many children and teens I work with keep their emotions inside and stuff them and this is dangerous. Many teens carry their emotional pain and do not know what to do with their pain. Your child and Teens emotional pain can ooze into  poor grades, defiant behaviors, conduct disorders, substance use , dependence , and abuse. Many teens are angry and will rage or act verbally abusive at home.  The bottom line is that your child is in pain and is out of balance and just find ways to manage his or her emotional pain and deal with their emotions on a daily basis so they can find health and success in their lives. A child’s emotional pain can transfer into depression and suicidal behaviors when not addressed Many teens begin to self harm and cut themselves to cope with their emotional pain and feelings that overwhelm them. Some adolescents act out with illegal behaviors or complete defiance.  Some children and Teenagers stuff their emotions with Media: Video games, Instagram, Snapchat, You Tube, Netflix, TV etc. Healthy communication and time spent with family and quality friends is essential for your child’s development.

Research shows a very high percentage of youth struggle with mental health problems however very few get help from professionals and many are afraid to express the need for professional help. Parents can be the yes and the ears for your child and notice unhealthy habits and red flags that indicate your child or teenager needs help. Some red flags but there are many more might be struggles with : communication in healthy ways, anger often, sad, down, thoughts of hurting self or others, marks from self harm, failing grades, struggles with friendships , struggles with family members, behavior issues, defiance, acting out behaviors at home or at school, illegal behaviors, alcohol or any substance use or abuse, vaping, smoking, poor sleep, limited exercise, not expressing thoughts and feelings to parents.

School is  a giant source of stress for a majority of children and teenagers and it is REAL! Many children do not feel like they can talk to their teachers or others at school. Many teachers are overwhelmed with one teacher for 30 plus students and they can not provide the support your child needs and it must come from the parent because the parent knows their child the best and can obtain professional support be it: Counseling or psychiatric help or emergency help at a hospital.

Many children are stressed about reaching academic success and feel a great deal of pressure regardless of the grades they obtain or their achievement scores.

Working with parents as well as the teen can create a supportive environment and can create desired change. If nothing is done than typically we get the same results. Lifeworks AZ has extensive experience working with families, and children and teenagers as well s working with : behavioral issues, Mood and anger issues, Anxiety and stress, Healthy life choices, Coaching, Depression, ADHD, and much more.


Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.