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In a study of over 9,000 youth in England one out of seven youth were found to have a mental health diagnosis. Mental health problems among children and teenagers are increasing at a high level over past decades.


Emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, ADHD, ADD, and other disorders are increasing not only in England but in the United States of America. This shows that wealth alone does not increase mental health disorders, however, the lower the socioeconomics the higher the rate overall of mental disorders.


The research shows a high correlation with mental health disorders and among youth and usage of social media , internet use and media use.


Increases in emotional disorders among girls and young females was the highest. Increases in anxiety and depression among : children and teens was significant as well.


Parents that have open communication with their teenagers and children show a decrease in risky behaviors and mental health problems in their homes. Having a child be able to communicate feelings and thoughts is essential to mental health and physical health for children, teens ,and adults.


Many parents are doing their best parenting as well as doing a balancing act with work, and being a good partner or spouse in a relationship. Parents feel overwhelmed with information on parenting and are judged and criticized for not doing things the “right way”. Many milennials feel to young to be parents and 80 percent of children born are to millennial moms. Many parents are protective of their children and d o not want to post their children for fear the child will become a meme or have some negative connotation used on the web.

Most parents need co-parenting and when one parent criticizes the other parent it can destroy the family and the marriage. Each parent needs positive support and if one parent does not like the way the other is parenting than it must be discussed and a consistent agreed upon strategy is vital for the child as well as for both parents.

Many millennials are receiving financial support from parents and In laws because they do not have established jobs and they have a great deal of college debt  to pay off. Older mom’s in general are more financially secure so do not have to rely on anyone else to pay monthly bills.

Over 40 percent of marriages have a spouse from a different racial group. This is double the number from the 1960’s. There are many challenges with parenting and finances is a big piece, however, it is clear that parents that have financial stability have more tools to receive the support needed o raise their child be it: a tutor, counseling , joining sports teams, arts, etc.

Parents need the opportunity to provide stability to their children. Having a written out specific and organized parenting plan for each child that both parents agree upon will reduce stress and family pain as long as both parents are motivated to follow the behavior plan. Families can find peace and happiness and success with a professional plan for each child.

Healthy communication skills between parents and child are vital for healthy behaviors and healthy relationships between child and parent. Healthy communication goes both ways between a child as well as how a parent treats his or her child.

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