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Depression, Suicide, and less socialization is highly correlated to use of : smartphones, social media, you tube, internet ,and TV. 

There is a clear pattern linking screen activities  and excessive use with higher levels of depressive symptoms, and suicidal outcomes.

I have been writing about the imbalance of teen behavior over fifteen years.  I have been working with youth : children ages 5-18 for over15 years .

If a teen is watching 50 hours of TV he or she is out of balance. If a child is playing 40-60 hours of video games what is being fed into their minds for the week? Violence? Aggression? Anger? Garbage in and garbage out. If your child is on Instagram, facebook, snapchat, You tube, the internet, and texting 40  plus hours a week what are they being exposed to? Many children are watching X Rated material and sending or sexting other peers. Of course there is educational material on the internet but most youth are not studying using the computer 40-60 hours per week.

Depression, Suicide, and less socialization is highly correlated to use of : smartphones, social media, you tube, internet ,and TV.

Hospitalizations among children and teens have doubled since 2009!

Depression among children and Teens are 14 Percent more depressed than in 2009.

Almost 50% of teens in 12thgrade do not socialize or go out on dates.

Children and teens are spending more time learning about life from: video games, You Tube, The internet, social media and TV.

Children and Teens are missing out on communication with family and spending time with family. Youth are not learning to communicate express thoughts and feelings to their parents and families. Interpersonal skills are declining with the huge increase in : smartphones, Computers, Gaming , Social media etc.

Children can send pictures and emojis but have challenges expressing true thoughts and feelings and this is what makes us human.

Adolescents and children are not getting outside and exercising. Research shows that exercise is vital for Physical health. Obesity is out of control in the USA with over 35% of youth obese in America. Diabetes is on the rise among children and teens as well as adults.

One of the most important elements in mood regulation is exercise. Exercise is vital for behavior modification , ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, and many other mental health disorders.

Children are not riding their bikes, going to the park, throwing a football, shooting baskets,  dancing, joining clubs and teams. Youth are sitting down playing on their electronic devices and this is disaster waiting to happen unless we make changes in this imbalance.

Children are not motivated to get off their devices and do chores around the house, come to the dinner table, go to bed on time, shower, eat healthy foods, and connect with family and humans at a face to face, eye to eye manner. This will have serious consequences for youth and families.

Social skills are on a huge decline. Children are becoming comfortable in their rooms on their phones and with their friends on instagram etc. If a child has 100 friends on instagram however goes a year without seeing them what does that say about the quality of the friendship? 

Children are not joining by scouts or girl scouts. Children are not involved in clubs after school or philanthropic activities and more.

There are many things parents can do create a new balance in the home via parenting skills and counseling with someone who has expertise in this field.

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