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Being present for your child does not mean being able to pick him up from school, cook dinner for him, or take him to basketball practice.

It means being available for your child when he or she is feeling: alone, sad, mad, angry, hurt, ashamed, embarrassed, discouraged, and worried.

Children and teenagers will repress or stuff their feelings and it can ooze out into: anger, disrespect, verbal abuse, physical abuse, avoiding parents, hiding in their rooms, immersing themselves in screen time( video games, TV, You tube, Netflix, Internet, Instagram, Snapchat, facebook, Music, and more )

Children and teenagers have a difficult time expressing these feelings to parents and others as well.

Some signs but not all signs that your child or adolescent teenager is in emotional pain can be an inability to stay sleep or fall asleep. Difficulty getting a full nights rest. A lack of appetite or an increase in appetite can be signs that your child’s emotional and physical health or off balance. Not participating in activities he or she once enjoyed. Negative self talk or talk or hurting oneself or others is a red flag.

Exploring what is under the behaviors at home is vital to help your child or teen. Learning to communicate with your child and understanding there is pain under their behavior is vital in helping your child improve. Having compassion and understanding what is going on out of love and concern is a great approach vs a parent becoming angry because the child is angry. Your child does not have the tools to understand what is going on under his or her behavior and a child or teen counselor can get to the root of the problem and help your child become balanced and healthy and learn to cope with life’s problems and challenges and their emotions in healthy ways.

Children and teens that feel understood and empathy from their parents are more likely to be open to suggestions, encouragement and advise from parents and others in their life.

Feeling heard and understood by parents is very important. Children do not want the parent to fix or solve the problem they want to feel loved and secure and heard and valued and understood.

Empathizing with our child or teenager is essential. This allows a child to feel close to their parents, less alone, and are more able to confidentially work through their challenges in a safe and supportive environment with loved ones ( parents).

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among children and teenagers ages ten to eighteen years old. has been working with youth and family issues for over fifteen years. David has worked with: ADHD, Autism, Conduct disorders, Oppositional defiance, Bipolar disorders, Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, Phobias, OCD, Obsessive compulsive Disorders, Video game addictions, motivation ,self esteem, social skills, anger , anger management, mood regulation, parenting, family counseling, child counseling, behavior modification, behavioral issues, emotional issues, academic issues, goals setting, sports mental taring and much more in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Chandler, and valley wide.

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