Teen Depression Counseling Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Chandler Arizona

Many adults believe that only adults can become depressed of suffer from depression. I have worked with over 6,000 children nd teenagers and I have seen depressed moods and various mood disorders in a great number of youth in Phoenix, Scottsdale, CaveCreek, Chandler, Peoria, Goodyear, Buckeye and throughout the valley of the sun.

My approach is a positive based approach with the belief that we all have stress and we all have challenges. My belief is that we have areas we are very strong in and we have areas that need improvement. This approach applies not only to depressed mood it applies to academics and social skills and organization and motivation and all areas of life.

My approach is to find all the unique strengths in youth and use that as a springboard for success in other areas of the youths life. I also work with each parent and give tips or I collaborate with parents on ways to interact and communicate with each youth to help elevate mood and modify behaviors as well as to create a balance in all aspects of a child or teens life.

Many practitioners focus on the teens diagnosis. I do not hand out a diagnosis because I believe it can create a very negative stigma for the child or teen and it often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for defeat. The teen can begin to feel defective, disabled, dysfunctional and can lose hope for a positive mood, a positive career, a positive social life, success in academics and much more.

There are many evidence based counseling techniques that can help with depressed mood or depression. One very strong technique is CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. When using CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ) I look at the messages and specific thoughts the child or teen is having regarding whatever is going on in their life. It may be thoughts about themselves, it may be thoughts about peers, it may be thoughts about their abilities, it may be thoughts about friends or making friends, It may be thoughts that are keeping the child or teen stuck or un motivated, it may be fearful or stressful thoughts. Anyway looking at theses thoughts to see if they are healthy thoughts and if they are factual is a huge piece of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Looking at how these thoughts impact ones mood is also important.

Teaching children and teens to change their thoughts to healthier thoughts is just one way to enhance mood. There are many other activities and strategies that will help your child or teen improve their mood. Mindfulness and stress reduction techniques are extremely powerful as well as progressive relaxation and more.

My approach is not a cookie cutter approach it involves : life skills, problem solving, talk therapy, art therapy, Cognitive therapy, helping parents modify family dynamics to elevate a child or teens mood. When a team of people ( parent , child, teen Psychotherapist , are all working together and are on the same page the likelihood of change increase in a huge way from my 15 plus years of working with children , teenager, and families.

A depressed mood many times can be a combination of things like: grief and loss, negative self talk, stuffing of emotions, trauma, being bullied, school performance, perceived abilities socially, fear of future and college and a career direction. A depressed mood can be created from years of stress and years of negative self talk,.

I have worked with youth and families for over fifteen years. You can go to testimonials on my web site at www.lifeworksaz.com to see Parents as well as adults experiences. I am passionate about helping youth and families as well as adults.

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