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There is a great deal of Psychological as well as medical research that is evidence based that shows the positive impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy counseling on children, teens, and families. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be explained generally as follows. It is a child or parents thoughts that create feelings. Feelings can be : anger, sadness, fear, irritability, hopelessness, jealousy, excitement, joy and many other feelings.

I have been working with youth for over fifteen years using Cognitive behavioral therapy as one way to help a child and parents manage their mood and improve family dynamics and communicate effectively.

Thought patterns are created over time sometimes years or decades or longer. Many of thoughts we play in our heads are not accurate or supported by facts. We assume the worse, we think in black and white manners when there are many ways to think in between black and white. We judge ourselves , we judge others, we criticize ourselves and others as well. Negative thinking will increase negative feelings and leave us very little room for happiness of joy in our lives.

Medications are tested for 8-12 weeks on children and adults however they are used for years without research on long term side effects . The APA American Psychiatric Association states that best results for mental health combine counseling and therapy. A medication or pill will not change your child’s thoughts. If you child or teen tells him or herself: ” I am fat I am a bad Child, I am a loser, I am not lovable, I can’t get what I want, Life is unfair, I have no value, Mya parents don’t love me etc these thoughts will not be written by a pill. It is counseling nd psychotherapy that can help a child or teen and family find healthier thoughts that are supported by facts vs thoughts that are not supported by facts and are distorted. It is these weeds( healthy thoughts) in your child’s mind ( garden ) that must be removed in order for happiness and love and friendships and more that will be fostered so their garden blossoms. If the weeds are not pulled and replaced by water and soil and vitamins and sun the roses will not grow and will not blossom..

The cycle of fear and guilt based on the past and negative beliefs feeds negative behaviors ( anger ,a addiction). Blaming self and feeling unloveable creates isolating behavior and thoughts that the child is not a good child and this is a bad cycle that needs to be broken.

A child , teen, and parent must realize the child is lovable and past behaviors may not be ok , however, this is an opportunity to change the behavior and does not make the child or teen unloveable. A child can not hide in their room playing video games and avoid confronting feelings and unhealthy thoughts if they are to find balance and happiness in their lives. Healthy balance in life requires talking about feelings daily. Healthy emotions are dealing with emotions each day and not stuffing them or ignoring them or numbing them out with video games or marijuana or more.

Many children are pre occupied with the future and are not able to be present. Love and happiness live in the present. Many children and teens are also living in the past and revisiting past behaviors. Letting go of past behaviors is important to be present and work on healthy relationships with others and self.

Judgment creates conflict and leads to feelings of inadequacy as well as jealousy and guilt and low self esteem. This system tells us we are not enough and we are lacking and that happiness is an external search when happiness is an internal journey.

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