Child Counseling Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

Many children and teens as a group are in trouble and out of balance. Many children and teens are out of balance. Children and teens have “DisneyWorld ” in their hands 24-7 with the use of internet and smartphones. A relationship without human beings will only serve someone with a life without relationships. Life is full of relationships so it is important to learn to communicate and interact with people be it at home or at school or obtaining employment.

Children and teens playing xbox or PS4 in their rooms 40 plus hours a week is not helping youth with: Grades, Homework, communication skills, social skills, team work , family ,Academics, compassion, hard work, work ethics, obtaining a job, balancing mood, and physical, mental and emotional well being.

Labeling a child with a diagnosis may take pressure of a parent in that it is not a parenting issue it is a disorder and the only way to help is through taking a pill. Labeling a child ADHD or ADD takes the pressure off teachers and educators in that the school is saying the reason your child is performing poorly with his studies is due to his “disability” or due to his “disorder”. I have worked with thousands of children and teens with most diagnosis in the DSM . The reality is that there is no magic pill that will change your child’s thoughts. Your child or teen has thousands of thoughts a day regarding: family, peers, his or her self, abilities. It is these thoughts that impact his or her feelings as well as his or her behaviors. We must tale time to work on building healthy thoughts in children so they can become healthy adults. Counseling is one way to help the child, teen as well as the parent with healthy thoughts and healthy communication skills. A pill without expressing thoughts and feelings in healthy ways as well as boundaries and more is a recipe for failure. Parents are a huge piece in helping a child find balance and success in life.

In some studies schools have labeled almost 60 percent of boys and 45 percent of girls as over active. Schools can be very boring , tedious and repetitious and most adults would struggle to sit and listen to the course work. This does not mean your child or teen has ADD or ADHD and needs to be medicated with an addictive drug. Most children and teens brains are developing and will continue development past the age of 20.

It is fascinating to note that the children and teens in school that struggle with school work, paying attention, completing tasks are able to do so for hours and hours with complete focus when playing video games or watching a movie. So maybe it is how the material is taught and giving more one on one attention. Many parents are able to get there children and teens to complete homework that was not done in school at home with a break and reward system. The approach and relationship with your child is huge. How you communicate to your child and teen is vital s well. There are many tweaks parents can do to help create desired change via counseling and therapy and parenting tips for your child or teen.

Adults have the power to give children love and teach children discipline and respect for elders and respect and honoring their mom and Dad. Parents can help children and teens that are labeled : depression, anxiety, Defiant, ADHD , ADD, etc and help improve the quality of their lives.

has worked with children , teens and families to create balance and positive change for over 15 years in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Cave Creek and valley wide.

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