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Research shows that children and teens that are able to identify negative and positive emotions and those that can express them have a higher likelihood to stave off depression and mange it. Children and adolescent teens need to know how they feel in order to change how they feel. Expressing feelings and identifying them with a stressful event or with family and friends is vital for healthy social and emotional development. Healthy relationships are being able to express your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way without anger and rage and without victimizing others. If we do not identify our feelings and thoughts and express them they likely will ooze out into unhealthy behaviors: rage, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, personality disorders, behavioral disorders, conduct disorders and more.

Practitioners typically prescribe medications for depression in in patient facilities to address the mental health condition be it depression or anxiety or more. We know from research that exercise has a huge impact on our mental health. In one recent study a gym was built in the facility and one hour of exercise was offered. Those that did exercise reported the following: Higher Self Esteem, Lower anxiety, Lower Depression, Lower anger, an overall sense of improved mood. Most inpatient facilities do not offer a natural remedy and this shows that they should. These natural strategies were very positive and show that there are a variety of approaches that can help with: anxiety, anger, behavior, depression, ADHD and more.

David at www.lifeworksaz..comhas been working with youth and adults and families on creating healthy moods, relationships, behaviors and much more for over 15 years.

Below is an article on Bullying as well as an article on sleep and mental health for you.

Online Bullying is on the rise with Teenagers and children in Arizona and the USA. Over 18 percent of children have been bullied online in one research report. Many children and teens are feeling: angry, depressed, and have modified sleep patterns that are impacting their mental health each day. There is a correlation for suicide connected to cyber bullying that include and are not limited to: depression, sleep cycle and social withdrawal poor relationships, and academic performance.

Children and teens having consistent and  healthy sleep patterns can modify your mood Depression, anxiety, irritability, anger, relationships correlate with significant improvements when an adult or teen is receiving adequate sleep. Modifying your sleep can improve your performance as well as healthy eating habits according to research. Modifying sleep so your body is receiving 8 hours when the sun goes down and waking when the sun rises is much better than going to bed late and sleeping in late according to research studies. If we can train our bodies are in rhythm with sunlight and sunset  we will have a better sense of mental health ( mood, energy, performance).

The study shows that going to bed late ( for example at 1 am and sleeping in late to for example 1030am) puts one at risk for : poor mental well being, poor performance, Depression, Anxiety, anger, poor performance, poor behavior at home and at school.Go to www.lifeworksaz.comfor more information on 

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