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Helping others can offer a great deal of psychological and health benefits according to some research.

Adolescent teens want to be accepted and want to be liked by peers and others and fitting in with peers and others is very important.

The teenage years are also a high risk time for developing depression and other mental health disorders like anxiety disorders and more.

Many teenage adolescents develop depressive symptoms and between 10-15% develop a diagnosis of a depressive disorder.

Social stress and interpersonal stress feeds negative thought patterns and negative thinking and negative self esteem in teens and adolescents. 

Many teen adolescents have adjustment disorders that deal with challenging relationships, loneliness, and social interactions with family and peers.

Helping others by teens showed an increase in positive mood on days that they helped a peer or listened to a friend or encouraged someone even a stranger.

Finding a a balance and setting boundaries with peers is important so a teen does not feel dumped upon or stressed out or exhausted by helping others so this does have limits that were not researched.

Feeling appreciated appears to be a mood enhancer for most teens and children. Further teens most likely feel a sense of purpose in helping their friends out in a time of need and being there for them is very important for a teens mood. More research needs to be done since this was a small study and it needs further research.

Research has been done on bullying and depression and its impact on mood, anxiety and self harm.

Teens and adolescents that have been bullied are twice as likely too have a clinical depression diagnosis at the age of eighteen according research. The article states that it depends on the frequency and intensity of the bullying .

Bullying is a risk factor in developing depression however more research continues to increase the connection to clinical depression.

In a recent survey of 60,000 teens more than 4,000 reported injuring themselves in the past year. Half of those who reported self injury attempted suicide .

Feelings of hopelessness was a prominent factor that differentiated those who attempted suicide from those who did not have a history of suicide .

Children and teens need safe people they can talk to that will allow them to articulate their feelings so they can feel understood . This is important to provide support and comfort .

Teens that have a connectedness with a parent and pro social adults were helpful in reducing self harm behaviors in the study.

A child can become depressed by an Infinite number of reasons. Low
self esteem , feeling bad about who he or she is and what they have to
offer at school, at home, w peers, in sports.

Children can become depresses due to grief and loss of loved ones
( family , friends, pets)

Divorce and living w one parent can be a huge factor on depressed

Failure at school academically or behaviorally can trigger a depressed

Bullying and abuse st school are common and unhealthy and can create a
depressed mood in your child . Emotional abuse , physical abuse ,
sexual abuse is a huge factor in depressed children.

Sometimes spending mote time w a busy parent or helping a parent de-
stress can help alleviate symptoms of depressed moods in children and

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