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There is a tremendous amount of research on love and acceptance in relation to creating change in children and teens and adolescents. I have worked with youth and adults for over 18 years and I can tell you that I have seen great changes with simply showing love and acceptance. Many adults never received unconditional love and acceptance and have been telling themselves negative messages about themselves since early childhood. It is changing these messages and action that can elevate mood and empower our children and ourselves for desired change. It is vital to rewrite these stories on a daily basis in order to manage anger, mood, anxiety, depression and much more. Thoughts of feeling : unloved and not valuable and critical and judgmental thoughts does not create peace love or harmony in life in any way shape or form.

I have children in my office that are telling themselves negative stories about themselves that are not true and are not supported by facts however they continue to repeat theses unhealthy thoughts each day and it is negatively impacting their behavior and mood and emotions at home and at school. Depression, anger and anxiety are very common with children and adolescents I see in my office on a regular basis and the same is true with the adults.

In the book toxic Psychiatry DR Peter Breggin an expert on Medication and its impact on humans brains and bodies states that Psychiatry has shifted since the 1980s to leave out counseling and psychotherapy in 95 percent of all medication providers. Psychiatry has moved to a medical model that is about a diagnosis and a medication for the “disease”. Once a child or adult has a disease he now has the stigma of being disabled and having a dysfunction in which medications is the go to solution.

Many experts believe that children and teens with diagnosis of ADHD or simply bored children that are not interested in the dull school work or the manner the teacher is interacting with the students. Many Professionals further see that children and teens should feel highs and lows and should not be medicated as the first move when mood is tied to specific negative events like grief and loss and relationship breakups etc. If a child or teen is in danger of imminent harm to self or others this is a different diagnosis and must be addressed and safety is paramount via a professional . One can call the crisis line 602 222-9444 in Phoenix Az. 24hrs a day for assistance or bring a child or teen to the emergency room or call 911 if danger or safety concerns are present.

Many medical professionals believe the children and adolescent teens are being lobotomized by medications and numbed out. DR. Breggin has numerous published books where he has documented many physical as well as mental side effects due to use of many different medications.

It’s clear that neurotransmitters play some role in depression, but much less is known about how these changes come about. It’s also clear that biochemical changes alone cannot explain all we see about depression, and that other factors are at work as well. There is a great deal we do not know about the brain and depression and much more research needs to be done.

There are many counseling life skills youth and adults can learn to create balance in their lives. Some evidence based tools beyond talk therapy are : EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy and many more like VMBR visual motor behavioral Rehersal, Progressive relaxation, and play therapy.

Great changes are common when parents are positive about counseling and believe in the process and are dedicated to working together as a team to create change. The same can be said about children and adolescents. If we are open to new behaviors and new skills change will follow most of the time. Connecting with your practitioner is also important and believing that he or she has expertise to help you and accepts you is vital to creating desired change in children, teens and families.

www.lifeworksaz.comhas worked with children, teenagers, families and adults for over 15 years. David R Abrams MAPC LPC a Licensed Mental Health Counselor has an advanced graduate specialty in Children and Family counseling as well as in other areas. He has worked with :Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Behavioral Disorders, emotional Disorders, Depression, relationships, social skills, self esteem, Family issues and much more.

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