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There are a number of ways to address a slew of child and teen mental health issues and I will not mention them all in this blog however it is not a cookie cutter approach that works best per research as well as in my opinion. I use many therapies and teach many coping skills to parents and youth in order to facilitate desired change. Each family and child and teen are unique and finding the best match is essential to create desired change. Some of therapies may be: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, Mindfulness, Talk therapy, Art Therapy, Play therapy, journaling, parenting tips, behavior modification, Family systems, Reward based behavior systems, Life skills, Healthy life habits, meditation, Visual Motor Behavior Rehersal,, progressive relaxation, Hypnosis , and more to find balance in their lives .

Many parents I have seen over the past 15 years have concerns about there children and teens. The concerns are numerous: physical health, mental health, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, academic issues, social issues, self esteem issues, anger, communication issues, behavioral issues at home and at school, Depression, Defiant disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, Bullying at school, Screen addictions, video game addictions, poor life choices, using alcohol, smoking marijuana, vaping, not listening, disrespect, challenging family issues, trauma , grief and loss and much more.

Parents are the eyes and ears of the child and teen and are the adults that have more life experiences than the child and this is why involvement with the parent and weekly updates on all aspects of your child’s life is vital in counseling and psychotherapy. The parent knows what is working and what is not at home with the child. 

I gather a great deal of information from each parent at the initial assessment. If there are behavioral or emotional issues I find out details and examples at home and at school of these emotional and behavioral issues so I can address them with the child as well as figure out best strategies for parents to create a win win with their child or teen.

I look at genetic pre dispositions and find out if other family members have had a history of the issues presenting be it: addiction, anxiety, depression,etc. I also obtain medical history and legal history and birth history.

I spend time looking at the relationships of the client with each parent as well as other family members. How much time is spent together? How do family members communicate with each other? Is the dialogue positive or mainly negative? What tone is used when comunicating. Is the time spent together focused time or are electronics getting in the way: TV, Smartphones, video games, Netflix, social media.

In my assessment I look at your child or teens academics as well as his interactions with peers, social skills, study habits, quality of friendships, activities your child or teen is or is not involved in.

I discuss with parents what activities your child or teen is involved in after school. I want to know what he or she is doing from the time they come home till bed time. Many youth are addicted to their screen time and are completely out of balance as far as taking time for homework and studying.

I also look at what time your child or teen goes to bed? How are there sleeping habits? How many hours of sleep they are obtaining. I look at there eating habits and frequency of foods eaten as well and the quality of the food they are eating.

I look at your child’s self talk and dialogue. What messages is he or she telling himself daily. ..Good messages or negative defeating messages. I also look at what messages parents are telling themselves about their child this is important as well.

I look at your child’s mood be it : angry, anxious, depressed, and more and will help your child manage his mood issues in a  variety of ways.

I look at your child or teens social skills and if they need to be improved work with them on ways to do so.

I gather information regarding your child’s self esteem and help your child build there self esteem through various techniques. has been working with families and youth for over 15 years. The more involved the parent is in counseling the better!

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