Child Counseling Phoenix Arizona: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Anxiety and stress are increasing in children and teens over the past decades. Many experts and research shows that one out of three children and teens are experiencing some type of anxiety in their life. Anxiety can be from stress, separation, negative thinking, fear ( false evidence acting real), general anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, trauma and more. Many parents are using medications for anxiety in their children and teens , however, medications are not teaching your child or teen how to deal with stress and life and stress is unavoidable. Counseling and therapy will teach a child and adolescent how to manage anxiety and stress and learn to be empowered and more resilient without having to take a medication for the next seventy to eight years.

There are many techniques and strategies that I use for anxiety with youth in my office. Each child is unique and finding what strategy and skills et works best for your child and adolescent is important because if they are not willing to use the skills they will not help manage the anxiety and stress they are having. Many children and teens are stressed about their school work and homework and their performance and grades. Adolescent teens are struggling with body image and how their bodies are developing. Many children are struggling with making quality friendships and healthy communication at school and at home.

Some of the skills and techniques that are powerful are cognitive behavioral skills. Children and teens learn to change their unhealthy thoughts that are not supported by any facts or research to more positive and healthy thoughts. This is an evidence based therapy and is very powerful.

Another powerful approach is using mindfulness techniques. Using visualization and imagery and creativity children and teens can learn to manage their stress and even manage ADHD behaviors and more. Using imagination is a very powerful technique when combined with mindfulness. Children that are able to use diaphragmatic deep breathing is like learning to use a TV remote for your child’s brain it is very powerful.

Learning to relax the body and mind is powerful. Progressive relaxation was created at UCLA, however, it really has been used for thousands of years in the Eastern world. Progressive relaxation combines deep breathing with relaxation of muscles from head to toe and is a very effective tool in managing anxiety in children and teens.

Visual Motor Behavioral Rehearsal with a twist is a skill that I have been teaching to children and teenagers and it is a powerful technique where a child and teen can use imagination to incorporate relaxing sounds, peaceful sights, tranquil smells, creating a peaceful environment from the past or a new environment that is quiet and calming and peaceful that the child can play in their minds like a short video. This is extremely effective and powerful and have seen amazing results with children and teens ages 6-18.

Great practitioners help a child and teen like tutor to learn and practice these skills and others that they can transfer to their home, school, sporting events, work when they obtain a job and more. Repetition is important once the skills are learned and parents can help the child and encourage the child to use their skills to manage stress and anxiety in their day. Medication can not change your child’s thoughts this takes work.

David Abrams MAPC, LPC, CAGs has been working with children and teenagers and adults with anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, stress, as well as many other issues that feed into stress and anxiety on a daily basis. David has over 15 years specializing in working with youth and families and has expertise in the field of child and family therapy and more.

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