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Vaping is on the rise in the USA and in Arizona and it is at an exponential rate among youth and teenagers. Vaping is where a small battery powered device heats a liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled The vapor may contain nicotine, flavoring, or it may be that it is a wax. The wax is high concentrated THC and is much stronger than just smoking typical cannabis.

Children and teens exposed to nicotine pose a serious threat to addiction and also to long term brain development as well as cancer. Vaping is leading youth into nicotine addiction over the past few years at a very high rate. Almost forty percent of all teens reported vaping in 2018.

Many children and teens are developing lung disease specifically from vaping and lung damage. Vomiting , diahreea, weight loss, and fever, and shortness of breath and fatigue were just some of the symptoms associated with Vaping use in teens and children.

Over eight million children and teens report vaping in middle school and in High school throughout the USA and usage is doubling at a a very high rate according to researchers .

There are many different names for the devices that are used to vape: Juuls, pods, e hookahs and many more.Juuls are small and can be concealed like a flattened pen but a bit wider and many of these liquids have flavoring ( mint, blueberry, strawberry,) however they also have 1000 of chemicals and 90 percent sold have nicotine that is extremely addictive for children and teens as well as adults.

One cartridge or pod of liquid that is vaped or Juuled contains 25milligrams of nicotine. Do you know how many cigarettes it takes to get to 25 milligrams of nicotine? Well it varies however it is about equal to one full pack of cigarettes. So Juuling or vaping one cartridge is like smoking a pack of nicotine from cigarettes.

Children and teens are losing freedom of choice when they become addicted to vaping or Juuling because they can not get off the “juice” and need more of it to allegedly feel good.

Parents can educate their children on the dangers of vaping and Juuling. There most likely are other areas of your child’s life that he or she is not managing in a healthy way. Many children turn to vaping allegedly to manage their stress, deal with emotional pain, family issues, school challenges and more, however, vaping does not resolve the problem and turns into more problems with addiction and potentially serious health issues.

David Abrams MAPC LPC has worked with children and teenagers in Arizona that have many challenges and DSM Disorders: stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, poor social skills, family issues, family problems, academic challenges, autism, anger issues, parenting issues, emotional issues, behavioral disorders. David uses a positive holistic approach to look at all areas of life that might need balance and improvement and works with youth and the parent to help meet desired goals created by the child and parent.

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