TEEN CHILD COUNSELING Anger,Anxiety, Depression Phoenix Arizona

I have worked with thousands of teens and children over the past fifteen years. Many are out of balance : angry, anxious, depressed, and much more. Anger is legal in Arizona and in Phoenix and in Scottsdale Arizona. Anger is a strong feeling and a normal emotion. It is how we express anger that is important. Anger that looks like breaking an iPad is a behavior and now that is called aggression!

Anger is a sign for parents as well as children and teenagers that something is not right and we need to make a change or a modification. Anger needs to be expressed in order for children and adolescents to get what they desire, however, there is no guarantee that expressing anger will get what you want , however, it will alert your family and friends about what you are feeling.

Children and teens can become aware of their anger by noticing what is happening in their bodies. Some signals of a child or teens anger might be: clenched jaw, clenched fists, muscle tension, rapid heart beat, upset stomach, and more.

In the old days reaction to anger was called fight or flight, however, today there typically are not the same threats that cave dwellers faced. Learning to put breaks on the anger in a child’s pre frontal cortex is vital to avoid damaging: relationships, family, friends, work, and success in life even with teammates in sports.

Anger in children and teenagers is a mask for fear and sadness and pain..emotional pain is just as real as physical pain in children and teens as well as adults. Anger can arise many times in children and adolescents as a wall for anxiety, embarrassment , humiliation, helplessness, hurt, and more. Children and teens move straight to anger to avoid feeling vulnerable and looking at our pain in many of the emotions mentioned above.

It is important for a child and teen to see that anger and rage are not working for them in life be it stress at home, punishment, arguments with family and friends and more. Unhealthy anger takes a lot of energy and time and is unproductive many times. Children and teens can learn to manage their anger in healthy ways through counseling if they are willing to do a little work.

There are many techniques that children and teens can use to manage anger. There are a number of techniques that are evidence based and research based . Learning healthy communication and assertive communication as well as boundaries are just a few important skills a child and teen can learn to manage anger and stress and many types of mood issues.

Learning healthy communication skills is vital for success in relationships, school, family, and at work for children as well as teen adolescents. Where there is anger there is always emotional pain underneath like an iceberg the top is the anger and you can see only ten percent of really what is under the ice berg.

David Abrams MAPC, LPC specializes in working with children and teens as well as adults that have anger management issues, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, relationship and communication issues, negative thinking , social skill issues and more. Lifeworksaz.com addresses a variety of issues holistically that are all important to address to resolve emotional pain or anger or depression or anxiety.

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