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Children and teens are constantly stressed about school work and homework and test and grades and fitting in with peers at school and in other extracurricular activities. Children spend an excessive amount of time on social media and are barraged with negative news and views of the world. Finding ones meaningful path and truest path can be overwhelming when children and teens are so stressed out regarding other areas of life.

Many children and teens begin to slip into depression without hope or motivation due to unhealthy world views and irrational thoughts about themselves and their future. It is vital to look at our thoughts that are healthy and unhealthy and organize those thoughts in a healthy way so we can see clearly like a clear lens on a camera. Good work can not come with a blurry sense in your photos on your iPhone or your Cannon SLR Camera etc.

It is important to understand our feelings and be able to express them in healthy ways. If we do not learn how to express thoughts and feelings in healthy ways they will ooze out in many unhealthy ways. One way that unhealthy thoughts spill out is anger and rage and aggression. This can end up in unhealthy relationships with your family and friends as well as peers and can end up in an assault or battery charge due to the inability to control these feelings and thoughts.

If we avoid our feelings and thoughts it can likely end up in masking them through addictive behaviors: alcohol, weed, cannabis, vaping, wax, edibles, and hard drugs as well and more unhealthy addictive behaviors as well.

Many teens suffer from the above issues as well as mental health issues. Managing mental health is more than just learning healthy communication and understanding thoughts and feelings for children and teenagers. It is vital to look at all aspects of your child or teens life. What is the quality of his or her eating habits. How often are they eating and what are they eating? Are they skipping meals?

Many children and teenagers are not getting enough sleep due to technology addiction. I see youth from 6-18 and many are using their: I Pad, Smart Phone, Video Games, TV, Netflix, You tube, social media, snapchat, instagram, and texting till the early morning hours. How can a child due well in school or obtain peak performance when sleep deprived.

Estimates are that over 5 million children and teens suffer from depression and or depressive symptoms . Children and teens can suffer from clinical depression and it is not rare. The death rate has tripled from suicide among youth ages 10-24 in the past ten years.

Many children and teens suffer from some type of anxiety disorder: separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, Social anxiety, and more. Estimates are that over 6 million youth suffer from anxiety. We have the highest rate of anxiety ever on record in children and teenagers. Over seventy percent of children and teenagers say anxiety and depression are serious problems in their schools and or community.

Mental health plays a huge role in one’s quality of life for children, teens, and adults: Emotions, actions, motivation and productivity are directly affected by it. The sooner a parent or child or teen recognizes they are depressed or anxious or out of balance than they can can mental health help from a professional in the field.

I have written many blog articles on the association between increased screen time and lower psychological well being in children and teens. many adults think of TV , however, the addictive nature and amount of interaction and the exposure youth are seeing on the internet and social media is overwhelming and not easy to comprehend or digest. Children and teens are spending more time than you are working on their devices and more time than they are in school on their devices each week and this is a huge issue for society.

Children and teens are in their rooms and are not interacting face to face with parents and developing healthy communication skills. Limiting electronics is vital if you want to develop healthy relationships as well as create a successful balanced and healthy child or teenager.

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