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The more research based skills your child or teen can learn to manage their “ mental health disorder” the greater chance your child or teen will be able to find balance and manage their disorder.

Research shows that medication alone is not as effective alone and that counseling and therapy is vital for best results.

Children and teens and adolescents can learn to communicate their thoughts and their feelings in healthy ways. Many emotional disorders and behavioral disorders have at it’s root unhealthy or distorted thoughts that a child or teen plays in their mind throughout the day sometimes thousands of times a day. It is this programming in their head that has to be addressed before big changes can be observed.

For example a child, adolescent , teen, on ADHD medication may show improvement in their behavior, however, keep in mind the medication does not eliminate your child or teen’s thoughts. Your child or teenager with ADHD may have a defiant thought like” I do not want to do chores, homework, etc”. It is these thoughts that override a pill or medication. A child w a diagnosis of ADHD may get out of their seat or talk in class and these behaviors can be modified through counseling and behavioral modification therapy. No medication will keep your child in his or her seat if the child wants to get out of the seat…well a dose that puts them to sleep might keep them in their seat, however, they will not be alert and awake and able to learn in the classroom.

There are a number of research based counseling and therapy skills a child can learn like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness as well as others that will help. A parent can learn new skills including CBT ( Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) as well as parenting tips and techniques to improve outcomes.  Behavior modification is one program that a parent can learn with a skilled mental health teen and child practitioner to set goals and create desired change at home as well as in school and in other areas of a child and adolescent teens life.

Keep in mind behaviors are created over years and we must make changes in order to modify negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors with your child and teen.

There are many other things your child or teen can do to help create desired change. Always look at a child or teens eating habits and the health of their diet’s. Diet can impact mood and behaviors in a huge way.

How much sleep your child or teen adolescent is obtaining is vital for growth and mood as well as behaviors. Many children are up late on smart phones or playing video games etc and this is impacting their mood, anger, etc. Parents can help out by setting limits with their child or teen on screen time. Many children and teens can not fall asleep due to the light emitted from screens . This is also research based in studies done with children and adolescent teens.

 A Child that is suffering with a mood disorder can help their mood by daily exercise. A child or teen should be encouraged to exercise > A child or teen can : bike, walk, swim, shoot basketball, dance to a work out video, go to the gym, sign up for club sports, shoot hoops, etc. The healthy activities should be done before access to video games etc. Video games are addictive and screen time use correlates with depressed mood and anxiety as well as behavioral issues.

Creating balance and a win win situation is vital for peace and reduced stress at home. Healthy stress coping skills is vital as well. Learning ways to express feelings and understand feelings is important instead of stuffing feelings. Understanding the connection of thoughts to feelings and behavior is important  to create desired change and build self esteem as well as learn healthy life skills in all children and adolescent teenagers. has worked with a huge array of children and teen issues and family issues over 15 years in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Chandler, Mesa, Goodyear Arizona. You can read testimonials from experts in the field as well as from numerous mom’s and Dad’s in relation to his work at www.lifeworksaz.comChild counsel

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