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Mental health issues are being exacerbated due to worldwide lockdowns and closure of most retail and commercial space.

Over 33 percent of individuals 19-35 feel lonely and isolated so it is not only the elderly.

Feeling isolated and all alone is a trigger to depression and anxiety. It is important to feel connected with others . There are many ways to feel connected.

Millions of elderly and vulnerable people suffering from chronic loneliness are now facing further isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Limit media coverage to obtain information you need. A majority of the news and media is fear based and anxiety producing and can trigger more stress, anxiety, and a depressed mood.

You can log on to your favorite web site and find out about daily changes you may need to know about: food, school, closures, health issues, and more. Many experts suggest limiting your exposure to less than 15 minutes per day.

Find activities that you once enjoyed or enjoy. Many people are buying puzzles, doing crosswords, playing board games, sewing, quilting, reading your favorite type of book, watching comedies, watching interesting documentaries.

Take time each day and connect with your loved ones and your friends. It is best for you to pick up the phone and talk to your friends than a post on Instagram or facebook. Text and posts do not connect as well as having a full conversation via phone or via face time. Take time each day to call: friends, family, loved ones etc.

People are becoming so anxious because they don’t know what to expect. Anxiety is fear of the unexpected or unknown. When our safety, security, and stability are pulled from our foundation it is normal to be extremely stressed and anxious . It is normal to feel depressed when our daily routines change with: school, academics, employment, social, recreational, and interpersonal activities. 

Mental health and medical experts suggest that people keep to a routine schedule, exercise, eat a healthy diet, meditate and contact via phone or face time/ video chat friends, and loved ones daily. 

There is a national 24 hour suicide crisis line: 1 800 273-8255, and TEXT is 741741

Social isolation increases the risk of Physical health issues like: obesity, cardiovascular issues, heart disease, and neurological issues like dementia and more. These are serious health risks and should be taken seriously.

Take time each day to call loved ones and relatives. Have your children and teens call their loved ones and talk to them each day. Children and teens are spending between 35-60 hours a week playing video games or on media. Take time each day and facilitate a call to: siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of the family each day! has been specializing in working with: depression, anxiety, family issues, relationships, behavioral and emotional issues, parenting, and creating healthy lives for youth and adults in Arizona: Phoenix AZ, Paradise Valley AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Peoria AZ, and valley wide for over 15 years.

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