Counseling Depression, Anxiety, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale Pandemic.

The current worldwide pandemic impacting Arizona will increase mental health risks throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and throughout Arizona as well as the USA and world wide. There are adverse events that can occur with social distancing when one is depressed. Social connection is a very important element in suicide prevention. When people feel connected with others and cared about there is less of the likelihood one will die by suicide. Social connection in person is being minimized in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. Isolation and feeling alone is a big trigger for many people not only those suffering from depressed moods, anxiety, and stress. Disruption to life habits and routines has left many people vulnerable and this is impacting mental health disorders worldwide as well as in Arizona and the USA. This is just an additional stressor for individuals with stress and especially those individuals with an anxiety disorder or mood disorder or trauma and more.

Getting laid off and change and not feeling safe are all huge adversities that can elevate a depressed mood and can increase the risk of suicide.

In other countries where there were past pandemic outbreaks anxiety ran extremely high as well as minimal social interactions and this result was a higher rate of depression as well as anxiety and suicide.

There is a great deal of research on not being employed and suicide. Loneliness and social isolation are risk factors for suicide and increases in depression as well as anxiety.

We can take time each day to reach out our loved ones and friends this is important by phone, face time, video chat, zoom etc to bring warmth and cohesion to those that are alone and are depressed and are feeling suicidal. We should reach out to friends and loved ones on a regular basis without a crisis , however, this is an opportunity to re connect with friends and loved ones. SOCIAL SUPPORT IS VITAL!!!!

Economic relief is on its way and paid sick leave for those in quarantine or helping a family member or child due to school closure is also in the pipelines.

Take time to help others during this difficult time. How long does it take to call friend ? Not very long.

We meaning the world( except for a small percentage of the world) must start to put children and families and health as a priority. We have been greedy and selfish and think about our: cars, and big houses, vacations, and jewelry. We have neglected what the world needs most is our love and compassion and kindness and it only takes a few minutes to think of “we” not me! David Abrams MAPC LPC; has worked with adults, children and families providing ; counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and more. David has expertise in : Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Relationships, Emotional Disorders, Family Dynamics, and much more. Please go to and read more about what professionals and experts are saying on his testimonial page

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