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Many women are frustrated with the men in their lives due to their perception their partner has a lack of emotional IQ. There are a few main parts to a mans empathic IQ or emotional IQ. The main components are : mood regulation for emotions, being aware and intuitive of others emotions, empathy and compassion, and social skills abilities.

Women overall are better at emotional empathy in research based studies. Women’s brains feel the others feelings and are able to stay with the feelings where as men may briefly feel the emotions for a moment and than move away from feelings and attempt to solve the problem in another part of the brain.

The left brain is considered mainly analytical. It is more methodical in thinking. Individuals using the left side of the brain are using the logical side of the brain. Left brained thinkers enjoy working with numbers. Logic and problem solving are more of a left brain function than the other hemisphere. The left brain is found to be dominant in fields like: science, Law, engineering, computer programming, accounting, and finance. Keep in mind the right brain is also involved just not as dominantly as the left brain.

The right brain is associated with emotion, intuition and the creative process as well as many other areas. Right brained people are artistic and can be very innovative. Graphic designers, Architects, Designers, Counselors, Psychologists, interior designers, singers, directors, animators, etc. fit well with dominance in the right brain.

Take time each day for your self and slow down if you want to balance the left and right side of your brain. Take time and do diaphramatic breathing. This breathing is belly breathing and is done through inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth after your bell expands. Count to five as you inhale and count to five as you slowly exhale and pay attention to the sound or your breath and your body sensations.

Tap into your body  when making decisions as well as your inner thoughts and hopes and feelings. Notice your body as well as the facts you see in your decision. You will be honoring your left as well as the right side of your brain.

You can tap into your right hemisphere by asking close relatives and friends how connected they feel with you? Ask yourself how connected you feel with them? By spending one on one time with your loved ones you are developing the right side of your brain.Inetgrating facts with emotions is vital for many relationships and both are important. We can work on developing the various areas of our brains that need assistance to reach our goals as well as to create log term harmonious relationships. has an advanced specialty working with relationships. David R ABRAMS MAPC LPC, PSYCHOTHERAPIST and Counselor has over 15 years helping improve relationships and marriage through counseling and therapy skills and treatment.

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