Depression increases with pandemic isolation. A time to work on building your mental health w counseling treatments.

Mental health experts state isolation can very long term psychological effects on people. Many people have acute stress disorder a reaction to the COVID pandemic. This pandemic can trigger past trauma and or past anxiety or mental health disorders in adults and youth.

Over fifty percent of those in the USA state their mental health has been negatively impacted. Feeling of anxiety are very high for friends, loved ones, parents, and grandparents.

Negative mental health due to social isolation and distancing may be pronounced among older individuals and teenagers because these groups are already at risk for depression, anxiety and suicide.

With over twenty five million people losing their jobs there is an association with negative mental health through our history with job loss. Increases in depression, distress, anxiety, and low self esteem. Research shows an increase in substance abuse and drug addiction and depression and suicide.

Loss of income as well as unemployment have negative effects on ones mental health.

Those with a history of mental illness have a high chance of triggering other mental health disorders.

There are many factors that play into depression it is not a DNA chromosome alone. 

One of the biggest factors for depression is negative thoughts. I have yet to come across an adult or teen that was depressed that had positive healthy thoughts in over 15 years working with depression.

Trauma and life events: loss of a loved one, bullying, changing schools, divorce, break up with beloved partner, loss of a job, all feed the system of depressed thinking and depression.

Cortisol and stress are out of balance with negative thoughts and yes it will create a depressed mood.

Sleep and nutrition impact your mood as well. There are many studies connecting depressed mood with poor sleep and dietary habits as well.

When treating depression it is important to look at many aspects of the mind and body. What messages are we telling ourselves? Do we praise others? Are we critical and jealous? Is our self esteem low ? Do we feel inadequate? David Abrams MAPC , LPC Psychotherapist and mental health Counselor helps elevate mood through counseling, 

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