Counseling teen and child mood and behavior during stressful times.

If you feel like pulling your hair out and feel stressed on a regular basis regarding your children and adolescents you are not alone.

Children and teens have areas in their brain that are not fully developed until they are in their Mid 20’s. Children are growing and hormones are changing and youth and teens are learning. The key to your child’s success is teaching them values and morals as well as teaching them to have balance in all aspects of their life.

Learning to balance a child and teens mood is important since the brain is still developing and th left and right hemispheres are not in balance for best outcomes at home or in school or at work.

Balancing academics with friendships at school. Being able to study and excel in school and also have times for family as well as extracurricular activities is important.

 Eating a balanced diet is important( vegetables, fruits, Proteins). Without proper food your child or teen will not have the energy to perform at their peak levels.

Sleep is a vital area that must have balance otherwise performance will head South! Physical health will deteriorate with not enough sleep. Your teen or adolescents mood will be off balance: moody, angry, irritable, quick fuse, lethargic, unmotivated and more.

Children and teens must find a balance between peers and family as well as school and extracurricular activities.

Many youth I see have huge challenges with : social media, Texting, VIDEO games, You tube, Netflix, TV and media distractions. Learning to set boundaries is vital for a child’s success. A smartphone is like Disneyland in their hands 24-7.

Learning to balance the left side with the right side of the brain is essential. There are times for thinking and logic and there are times when feelings are important and both areas are important. Logic and analysis without compassion and empathy can create problems with relationships. If you want healthy relationships learning how to use both feelings and thought and integration is important.

Neurons in the brain that fire together rewire the brain and this can be done with learning and tutoring as well as with emotional and behavioral issues in youth.

Youth with integrated brains will create : healthier choices, better control of emotions and feelings, better self awareness, stronger relationships with family and friends, and success at school.

We want our children to have the left side of the brain : logic, linguistic, and literal to be fully integrated with the child’s right side of his or her brain that is: creative, emotional, non verbal.

It is also important to integrate the top of the brain with the bottom of the brain as well. The bottom part of the brain the amygdala is where anger and fear and breathing and impulsivity lie. The down stairs brain is raw. 

The top part of the child’s brain is involved with planning and regulates emotions and it is involved in thinking. The top part of the brain is where: sound decision making, control over emotions, empathy, and values are fostered.

Children can learn how to communicate and understand their thoughts and feelings via counseling. Understanding their thoughts and how they are connected to their feelings. If a child is all feelings he or she will be out of balance. If a youth is only using logic or analysis then he is missing out on compassion and emotional connections that most people want in a relationship. Many youth can not express themselves they may be able to yell or name call but the only emotion they are displaying is anger and there are many emotions . Bottled up emotions will ooze out into unhealthy habits: physical health problems, substance dependence, Rage, poor relationships and more.

There are many tools and skills to help your child or teen improve: communication, develop strong social skills, relationships, build self esteem, manage anxiety, elevate mood, perform better at school, improve family relationships, be a team player, develop compassion and empathy and more.

David Abrams MAPC LPC CAGS has a specialty in counseling and therapy treatment and coaching working with youth and families for over 18 years. He has advanced graduate specialties in child and family counseling and you can read testimonials on his web site from over 50 individuals on his work. Go to for more info or to set up an appointment via email.

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