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You have a good job and a nice home and you take vacations, however, something is missing in your relationship. There can be a number of components that are missing beyond just sex. Women want an emotional connection. 

You might be saying well I buy her flowers and she has nice clothing and a nice vehicle and I am a providing financially. These are all wonderful, however, most woman need and desire more.

Working hard is great and earning a nice income is also important , however, do not allow your wife to feel neglected. She has to feel important and not second fiddle to your work! Relationships can be destroyed when your wife feels devalued , underappreciated, not valuable, and not important!

Telling your partner you love her is important, however, conveying it and letting her know specifically why you love her is important as well. I love you and I love all these traits about you… You are thoughtful. You are a team-player and help me out when I can not go to the grocery store. You are excellent at making middle eastern dishes! You are a great cook with other foods like Knefeh or Eggplant, or Turkey dishes sahtain etc. This is a small list. You should be able to find a number of qualities you love about your beloved. Doing things she enjoys or activities she enjoys are ways to show love. Spending time together, holding each other, hugging, and kissing are important as well.

Women want a man they feel safe with ,however, they also want a man that can display : patience, compassion, empathy, kindness, and acceptance.

Many men are critical and judgmental of their loved ones and it can be extremely damaging to the relationship. You do not have to agree on everything, however,  you can communicate it in a kind non judgmental way and positive tone.

Many men come home and verbally dump on their wives or GF regarding their day. It is great and can be healthy to share your day, however, it is important to hear about your partners day as well. It goes both ways!

Being supportive of your partner is important.  Your partners day is just as important as your day regardless of what activities you did or how many hours you worked! Encouraging them and supporting them so they can reach their goals is a positive trait. Listening to them is important without judgment is important as well. Once again you do not have to agree but if you disagree you can communicate so from a place of love and acceptance not criticism.

You may have different opinions with your beloved , however, you must be respectful with your diverging thoughts. Being angry does not excuse being disrespectful to your beloved .

Be honest and trustworthy. Do what you say you will do.  Take accountability for your behavior if it is less than positive. Taking accountability means apologizing with sincerity and it means making a concerted effort to not repeat the offending behavior.

We all want to feel loved and accepted unconditionally. We want to feel validated and supported. We want to feel attractive in the eyes of our beloved soul mate. We want to laugh and enjoy each other and common interests. We want to be heard and valued. has been working with adults and relationship counseling and therapy for over 15 years. David is a magna cum laude graduate with a Graduate specialty in : family counseling , Marriage counseling, and Child counseling!

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