Anger management Counseling providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Anger that is not resolved will build up into unhealthy behaviors or physical symptoms. It can take a lot of time out of your day. Learning to express your anger in healthy ways is vital to cope with mood and anger. Anger is legal in the USA it is what one does with it that can or can not cause problems with your family or wife or girlfriend.

Anger is an emotion that can be mild or it can turn into rage and or violence and aggression. Unchecked anger can turn into yelling at people or property damage or heart problems due to stuffing the intense anger over a period of time.

Anger management is a counseling skill you can learn with practice so you do not destroy your relationships with those you care about or a lose a job or peers you care about.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence based and research based therapy that is excellent at managing anger. I have been teaching it for over fifteen years to help with mood regulation and anger management as well as with other emotional issues or disorders. CBT involves changing the way you think and behave and in turn impacts your emotions ( anger, sadness, fear etc) Changing what you are doing and what you are thinking are essential in changing your behavior, mood, and actions!

Assessing if your anger is healthy anger vs toxic anger is important. Anger can be a sign that someone is not treating you with respect or in a healthy way for example Anger is not good or bad it is what you do with your anger that is important .

Daily exercise is essential to help manage anger. It will help improve your frustration and irritability. It will also help you reduce stress so when something triggers you it will be more manageable.

Exploring your thoughts and feelings is important in managing your anger and mood as well. Knowing what triggers you is important so you can handle the arising feeling in a healthy way .

Learning exercises to calm down each day is important. It may be imagery or visualization and a safe place. It may be taking a bath or a shower. It may be smelling a scented candle that is relaxing to you each day.

Anger that is not dealt with builds and builds and eventually oozes out in unhealthy ways : verbal abuse and yelling , aggression,
inappropriate anger , violence and many other unhealthy behaviors. It can ruin your marriage, friendships, employment , and more

Anger that us not managed impacts
your physical health, relationships, mood, work, family, and friends. Create health and happiness and balance through counseling .  has 15 years specializing in counseling and therapy for anger management and mood management in Phoenix Arizona and works with clients providing therapy and counseling to those from : Scottsdale Arizona ,Arcadia Arizona , Biltmore Arizona ,Cave Creek Arizona. Ahwatukee Arizona., Goodyear , Peoria Arizona, Glendale Arizona , paradise valley Arizona , Tempe Arizona , Chandler Arizona,

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