Counseling ADHD teens with CBT Therapy.

Fifty percent of adults with ADHD have an anxiety disorder according to a 2018 research study. Thirty percent of youth that have an ADHD diagnosis have an anxiety disorder. The great news is that these issues can be managed and treated through counseling and therapy as well as life style modifications.

Children are having a challenging time having to stay inside during this pandemic. Many youth are becoming more angry and irritable due to being on lock down! Children are having more : breakdowns, temper tantrums, anxiety, behavioral issues, mood issues, and more.

Children are aware of the pandemic and they have fears and anxieties and concerns even if they are not verbally communicated.

Most children and teens have not had so much free time in their day. Online classes takes a small fraction of the normal school day. Children and teens are bored and have to deal with their thoughts and their emotions and this is challenging when they have not had as much free time to really think about their thoughts and feelngs.

Many children as well as teens do not have the insight into their social anxiety with peers. You may see your child spending all his time on video games. Talking on Xbox to individuals is not true social skills. In life your child will need to develop friendships and learn to interact with peers face to face. Developing friendships is actually seeing other children or teens outside of school on a regular basis. Sitting at lunch with peers is not a real friendship being you have to be at school and you have to eat lunch while at school.

During this time of social distancing it is vital that your child reach out to peers 3-4 times a week. It can be via : text, snapchat, Instagram, or actually talking to them! Talking is best. Hiding behind electronics is not as effective!

By maintaining social contact your child will be helping himself renew these friendships when he returns to school . Instead of having a huge void in their contact and feel like he knows little about what they did during the pandemic as well not feeling connected to their lives and hence their friendship.

Counseling and treatment at will teach skills for a life time. David Abrams MAPC, LPC, CAGs has a specialty in helping children and teens as well as adults create balance in life. Learning how to balance school work, family, peers, chores, and employment is vital. Finding out ways to balance anxiety and ADHD behaviors to create success is important for a life time. Meds do not change a child or teens thoughts however Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful tool in empowering a child and teen for success and 

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.