Counseling tips for teen anxiety during COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID changes can be very difficult for adults and especially Teens and Children who are typically not as resilient as adults and their brains are still developing until age 25.  Research in some other countries show that the COVID 19 is impacting youth with anxiety and depression in over 25 percent of youth.

The loss of structure be it school teachers, friends at school, sports, extracurricular activities is impacting youth in negative ways.

Children and teens in the home are feeling very much like elementary school students. For teenagers, interactions with friends are the most important thing to them — their clubs, their sports. Many of those things have been taken away and that can be overwhelming.

Children and Teens with ADHD can do activities for the brain. This does not include social media or video games or watching Netflix or You tube. 

Parents can teach a child a new life skill. Obviously depending on your child or teens age will determine what skill you will teach them. Some parents teach their children how to cook a meal each night or prepare a breakfast dish. Teaching how to fold clothing or do the laundry is another life skill you can teach your child or teen. Learn a new card game that stretches the mind. Learn a new board game that requires the use of the brain.

Do activities around your home that are important to you. It may be paying the bills, planting your garden, doing chores together. You can make it fun by adding music and a reward or snacks throughout the experience that everyone loves. Work together and you will find a sense of accomplishment as well as you will finish tasks in a fraction of the time if you did them alone.

Take care of your body. I do not mean simply taking a shower or bath. These are essential however I am talking about exercise. Research on ADD and ADHD show exercise is vital for a balanced brain and body as well.

Take time and do yoga or meditate. You can find hundreds of videos online . You can find Cardio workouts as well as High Impact workouts on line. You can do Core as well as all muscle groups as well. Taking a walk with the family is important as well for your body. Sitting inside is not good for the muscles and bones.

Each individual in the home should take time for themselves.  It may involve quiet time reading a book. It may involve a 30 minute nap. It might be taking a long bubble bath. Take time to reach out to your peers and family that you love. It feels good to reach out and connect with others regardless of what is going on outside our homes.

Do small daily tasks so you can build your mental skills for bigger chores. Do small tasks each day and build your mental muscle so you can tackle a larger project later down the road.

Children and teens should talk about their thoughts and feelings and parents should empathize with them being that this is a very challenging and stressful time for your children and teens. has provided counseling and therapy treatments for Children , teens, and families for over 15 years specializing with youth on a wide array of issues: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Healthy Relationships, Healthy communication, Social skills, Building Self Esteem and much more. You can read more at his web 

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