Depression, Anxiety on Rise Covid 19:Therapy and Counseling in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Chandler, Paradise Valley Arizona.

Covid 19 has had an impact on mental health in Arizona and throughout the United States and the whole world. The loss of jobs and economic security impacts stress and mental health for a majority of individuals. The inability to go the gym and exercise has a huge impact on stressors that impact anxiety and depression and mood disorders as well as health conditions in a very negative manner. Adults and youth need social interactions and these social interactions have been reduced if not eliminated. Children and young adults are not physically seeing peers. Children and teenagers are not attending school and are not having regular social interactions and this is having a very negative impaction children and teens and adults mood. Depression, Anxiety, Mood disorders, Behavioral issues and family issues are rising in exponential ways due to the Covid 19 virus . I work with many young college adults as well as teens and adults daily. Many are struggling with the pandemic and limits. Fear of traveling, favorite activities taken away, employment slowing or being reduced, not working, having to be at home due to offices being closed and families being forced to all work from home is a huge change in daily activities and a huge stressor. Depression and Anxiety in Arizona is on the rise due to Covid 19 based on surveys prior to COVID 19 and now.

Depression signals have impacted children, teens, and adults in the United States. The rate of depressive symptoms has gone up four times since quarantine and stay at home for school and employees orders have been imposed as well as modifications with life: masks, social distancing, lack of contact with humans, fear is great!

Many children, teenagers, and adults are experiencing : insomnia, poor sleep, poor eating habits, increases in alcohol use, increases in drug use, fatigue, irritability, low energy, hopelessness, and much more.

There have been increases in major depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, and other mental health conditions: panic attacks, behavioral issues, anger and mood disorders and more.

Past disease outbreaks like Ebola and Ears revealed approximately thirty five percent and depressive symptoms, and thirty percent PTSD symptoms. Nearly half of some populations had one sign of anxiety or depression do to these diseases..

Symptoms for depression among men rose from seven percent to twenty two percent. Symptoms for women have risen from ten percent to thirty three percent since COVID 19 arrival in 3-2020.

Almost forty percent of US adults had one symptom of depression in 2020. Increases in depression from individuals forty- fifty nine has risen from eight percent to approx twitchy seven percent.

High school students depression symptoms has risen from 9 percent to 35 percent.

Americans with college degrees have seen depressive symptoms increase from four to almost twenty percent since COVID 19.

Moderate depression due to COVID 19 has increased by almost 2.9 times. The symptoms of severe depression symptoms is almost eight times higher than prior to COVID 19.

The COVID 19 pandemic and its economic and social impact has been accompanied by HUGE increases in mental health issues in Arizona and the USA. Researchers state that as COVID 19 continues so also will mental health issues like: Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks ,Anger, Relationships issues, mood disorders and more increase!!!!

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