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Covid and isolation from friends and family and normal activities has taken a huge toll on the mental health of teens, adults, and all Americans. The mental health impact on adolescents is much greater than adults. Teens and youth rely on peers to manage stress be it : school, peers, family, and much more. Teens rely on friends to help mange mood issues like: anxiety and depression as well as feelings related to low self esteem and a low self concept of self. Over thirty percent of youth do not feel connected to peers or teachers be it isolation or separation from friends and more.

Many adults would think that teens are feeling connected in that they are on their phones and texting friends. Many are playing online video games with peers for hours a day Teens are on social media applications be it : Snap-chat, instagram , or other interactive social media platforms. Many teens are not feeling connected because they do not have face to face contact with teachers or peers and more.

Parents should be aware of risky behaviors related to depression and anxiety, Substance use, vaping, and drug and alcohol abuse are on the rise as well as mood related disorders and changes in appetite and sleep. Negative thoughts and negative emotions and negative behaviors are on the rise as well.

Development and individuation is vital for teenagers and being with their peers is essential. Youth are aware that good friends can provide solid emotional support to them.

Activities with peers are activities that provided a sense of stability with their peers and others. Children and teens are sad, angry, and feeling alone and many do not feel they have anything to look forward to like ( clubs, sports, activities, parties, celebrations with others).

The basics of developing friendships starts in school and is vital in the teen years. Many experts are concerned about our youth and their social development since they are not having many opportunities to meet friends, play with friends, hang out with friends etc.

It is very important that teens have the opportunity to express and share and identify their feelings. It is important when safe and possible to spend time with peers it helps manage stress and helps distract youth from all the fear and anxiety in relation to COVID 19. Lifeworksaz.com has been specializing in working with youth, teens, and families for over 17 years in Phoenix, Paradise valley, Arcadia, and Scottsdale Arizona. David Abrams MAPC, LPC, CAGS has and advanced Graduate Specialty in Child and Family 

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