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The portion of teens has doubled since the pandemic of Covid-19. The age bracket between 16-39 years of age showed saw the most dramatic increase in depression. Older generations coped better with depression than the younger generation. Those individuals that were over 70 went from five percent depression to ten percent in depression rates. Teens over 16 went from eleven percent to almost thirty percent which is a huge increase for teen depression.

The number of increases in suicidal thoughts or ideations increased greatly as well as those people experiencing great anxiety and stress symptoms.

Children and teens have been hard hit by the pandemic. The lack of contact with peers and friends, the closure of school, the closure of sports and other social activities, the lockdown has had serious damage on children and youth. Social anxiety is on the rise as well as other anxiety disorders and social interpersonal skills have been impacted in a negative way.

The big factors during the pandemic has been huge changes for children and parents as far as school and work dynamics. Parents being forced to work at home and learning to cope and juggle having the children at home as well as all activities being tweaked do to COVID 19. Coping skills by parents and children and teens have needed extra support and there has been a huge deterioration of well being in parents, children and the family system as a whole.

Research world wide shows that children and teens need social interactions and not just with parents they need interpersonal connections with peers there age. The research shows that in person interaction is vital. Many children and teenagers have interactions via text and via video games through discord or instagram or snapchat or phone however this is not correlated with healthy balanced moods and healthy outcomes as adults in life. One of the biggest components to happiness ad adults is a strong social network and this is why sports and dance and social organizations are essential for youth and success and happiness in life.

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