Child Anxiety Stress Counseling Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. Anxiety and Stress from Pandemic.

Many Children and Teens are suffering with a great deal of anxiety, anxiety disorders, and stress from the pandemic. Children and teens stress and anxiety has increased at a very high rate and it is impacting children and teenagers in Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona as well as all over Arizona and internationally. When stress is high hormone levels increase in children and teenagers and anxiety and pain and stress related behaviors increase in frequency and intensity and in duration.

One of the very best activities parents should be aware of is intense physical exercise for over 45 minutes five times a week. Exercise is one of the best activities a child and teen can participate in to help regulate stress and anxiety. If a parent can find an activity that a child enjoys be it : basketball, dance, bicycling, volleyball, walking, spin class, soccer, baseball, wrestling, yoga w intensity, etc it will help regulate stress hormones and help balance the mind and brain in relation to stress related behaviors and anxiety. Parents can set boundaries and encourage exercise before screen time otherwise a child or teen will stay in their room and play endless hours of video games or watch Disney plus, Prime, Netflix, or are on instagram, snapchat, tik tok or texting on their smartphone etc.

Telling stories to young children have shown to help manage stress and anxiety in the minutes of the national Academy of Science article. Physical and psychological distress is minimized when connecting with your child one on one. The findings show a psychological and Physiological basis for short term stories one can do with your child. Stories influence emotions and build connections with your child. Stories immerse the child’s mind with language , text, and the imagination ( right side of the brain). Stories can take a child away from thoughts related to the pandemic, help with empathy, and deepen emotional processing as well as help a child broaden life perspectives.

Change for a child is one of the top stressors in research based studies of stress nd children. Leaving school for home or home for school can deprive a child of the comfort of routines, safety, peer comforts, and can adversely affect them for the long term.

Cotisol a hormone related to stress decreased and Oxytocin a hormone associated with empathy and emotional processing increased and pain was alleviated with story telling was the best compared to jokes or riddles or a mystery. Neuroscientists have found that story telling helped adults with anxiety and stress related symptoms and physical pain.

Lifeworks AZ PLLC has worked with children and families to develop skills to mange stress and anxiety for over 15 years. Lifeworks AZ has expertise working with : mood management, Anger management, Behavioral and emotional issues as well as much more. You can read David’s approach on his web site . He is strength based and looks at the whole system in order to help create desired changes.

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