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Mental health disorders in children and adolescent teens begin before adulthood in a very high percent of cases. EARLY TREATMENT are essential for best outcomes in children and teens. Onset for many mental health disorders have not found a definitive chronological time period.

There has been international studies that look at mental health disorders: ADHD, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and more with over 700,000 participants and over 200 countries involved in the research studies.

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders ( Panic Disorders, Seperation Anxiety, Generalized anxiety disorders, Phobia disorders, Panic attacks etc) showed the earliest time frame to appear and this was at almost 6 years old. The highest peak for Anxiety disorders and its onset was around fourteen years old.

In one giant study with youth the study showed that almost forty percent of children and teens showed the disorder was present before the age of fourteen. IN the same study another 49 percent of the youth showed a mental health disorder before they turned the age of eighteen years old.

Many adults believe that mental health disorders do not appear or begin until adulthood and this is very far from evidence based research on mental health disorders and children and adolescents. Many parents notice emotional and behavioral problems: anger, irritability, social skill challenges, communication problems, mood issues, academic issues and believe they will grow out of the issue at hand. It is important for parents to address the issues as soon as possible because early intervention and prevention and balance can be obtained with an expert in the field that help teach your child and teen skills to manage mood, improve on behavioral issues, teach parents new skills and help empower your child or teen to have the tools needed for success in school, at work, with family and in all areas of their lives. David Abrams MAPC , LPC CAGS with an advanced graduate specialty in child and family therapy has worked with youth throughout the valley of the Sun : Phoenix AZ., Paradise Valley Arizona, Scottsdale Arizona, Cave Creek Arizona , Chandler, Goodyear, Ahwatukee Arizona specializing in working with children and teens to help them with a wide variety of mental health issues: ADHD, ANXIETY, Autism, Anger Management , Depression Disorders, Mood Disorders, social skills, coaching , building self esteem and much more.

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