Teen Counseling Anxiety Phoenix Arizona

Every child and teenagers are being negatively impacted by COVID 19 and this is showing in their mental health as well as mood and emotions and behaviors, impulsivity, challenges focusing etc.

Anxiety, depression, fear of the future, concerns regarding school and educational plans, worries about lack of social activities, frustration related to sports and extracurricular activities being closed, modified, and overall no stability as far as the future is feeding : anxiety, depression, Vaping, Substance use and abuse, and unhealthy daily habits.

Children and teens are experiencing a huge sense of grief and loss. School isolation and peer isolation is a huge piece of childhood and not being able to see ones friends and play is impacting social development for children as well as teens and adolescents.

Many children and teens are immersing themselves more and more into technology. It might look like some of the following: instagram, snapchat, Video Gaming, Discord, Twitch, you tube, mind craft, Rocket Leauge, Call of Duty, Rocket league, Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, TV, Texting, watching videos, Tik tok, Applications etc. It looks like an increased relationships with ones screens be it : smartphones, TV, Computers, Game Consoles and more.

Children are feeling isolated and disconnected from life during COVID 19 and this likely is impacting them with more anxiety and fear, more negative thoughts and depressed thinking, feeling irritable, feeling hopeless, feeling scared, feeling angry , feeling down, feeling frustrated and more.

Screens have been helpful in that education can continue through screens and there is some connection to life outside the home, however, parents must monitor the use of screens and set strict limits on all screen use. Parents can spend more face to face time with each child and have all electronic devices off while connecting and listening to each child about their fears and concerns and thoughts about what is going on with COVID and all the life changes and how it is impacting their lives.

Parents can set daily schedules for their children and limits. The schedule should have bed time so each child receives adequate sleep. Healthy meals during the day. Promoting daily exercise be it walking if comfortable with it or indoor exercises.

Do not expect your child or teen to be able to self monitor their screen time. Screen time is addictive and what seems like fifteen minutes can turn into hours online. Parents can purchase programs that shut off devices as well as lock up devices in a safe you can buy at target or Costco. Teens may want independence and state they can self monitor, however, the reality for most parents is such that until a teen is on their own and out of your home and paying every bill and showing responsible behaviors in all aspects of life then they still need a parent to not only role model good behavior but to monitor their unhealthy behaviors and help them modify those behaviors. 

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