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Millions of American men are not doing as well as they present to the rest of the world. A poll of over 3,000 men state that on a one to ten scale . Ten being great and one being not great at all their mental health is around a five. Stress is on the rise for men all over the Unites States. One quarter of men in the survey state their physical health is not great. Twenty percent of all men in the study state their eating habits are poor. Stress and pressure at work is very high hovering around twenty one percent. The mens well being was impacted by use of social media. Some of the mens well being was effected by change in life style. Some stated that there well being and or mental health were impacted by a lack of relationships. Forty six percent of Americans state they keep their feelings and thoughts inside e and do not open up and share their feelings with others.. Over thirty five percent of men feel lonely and alone in America. Over Thirty six percent avoid talking about mental health or their physical and mental health to others.

Many men find it hard to open up about how they are feeling. The American culture teaches men to be strong and tough and to not cry or share feelings. It is played in movies and TV and throughout news and all media. Understanding feelings and thoughts and being able to talk about them can improve ones mental health and well being. Sixty five percent of men feel anxious or anxiety when involved in social situations. Seventy percent of men feel more relaxed at their homes. Over Sixty percent feel better around their close friends.

Forty percent of men mention their mental health and well being to a medical doctor. Almost fifty percent of men do not feel comfortable sharing feelings with other men. Men feel they can handle the situation themselves and many simply do not want to show anyone their vulnerability. Many see cutting back on alcohol or talking to friends as a way to help. has worked with men on a wide array of issues: stressors, relationship, mood, anger management, add, anxiety, depression and healthy habits and much more for over 18 years.

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