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A recent survey of over 20,000 teens showed almost half of all teen respondents were stressed in some way or form most of the time.Over Forty percent of all youth were extremely concerned about their mental health. Teens stress were related to: future direction and career paths, academic stress, and insecurity financially. Many teens almost one on two felt anxiety and stress at a high level related to COVID 19.

Since the pandemic and COVID 19 and the uncertainty of the virus. How did it happen? Is it a Bio weapon? Did it go through zoonotic process and was created in a market and all the fear related to COvid 19 has put many on the edge of high anxiety and high stress. Over thirty percent of teens state their anxiety and depression has increased since the inception of the pandemic and lockdowns and masks and social distancing as well as the bombardment of fear via : social media, tv, advertising, billboards, commercials, and more.

Young women and teens were twice as likely to express anxiety and depressed moods in a recent survey. Historically females have expressed feelings and thoughts at a higher level than males or boys. This may not be the case in this scenario.

Many youth have been blamed for the pandemic. Society has pushed the fact that the younger individuals would be spreading the Corona virus to the elderly and hence they would be the ones that got sick, suffered, had serious health issues or died. There is great controversy regarding : mask use, social distancing, lockdowns etc. There is research in countries showing the former did not work and there are other studies showing it did work. The bottom line is that a change in school, jobs, work and social life is having a very negative impact on children and teenagers mental health: anxiety, depression, self esteem, mood, and much more.

David at Lifeworksaz.com has been specializing in working with youth and teens for over eighteen years. David works with a wide array of issues including but not limited to: ADHD, Conduct Disorders, oppositional Defiance, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Social skills, Self Esteem, Stress, career passions and direction, and more.

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