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The left side of the brain helps you think logically and organize thoughts into sentences. The right side of the brain helps you experience emotions and read non verbal cues. The key is to integrate both parts of the brain to have a well developed child or teen.

The brain is actually plastic or moldable. This means that the brain changes throughout the course of our lives and not just in childhood. What molds our brain is experience. Experiences actually change the physical structure of our brain. Firing neurons over time rewires the brain.

Children whose parents talk with them about their life experiences have better access to the memories of that experiences. Parents who speak to their children about their feelings have children that develop emotional intelligence and can understand their and other peoples feelings more fully. Counseling and therapy can help parents and child integrate their brains in phoenix, Scottsdale, and Cave Creek Arizona.

When these parts collaborate, they create and reinforce the integrative fibers that link different parts of the brain. As a result, they are connected in more powerful ways and can work together even more harmoniously.  Just as individual singers in a choir can weave their distinct voices into a harmony that would be impossible for any one person to create, an integrated brain is capable of doing much more than its individual parts could accomplish alone.

Imagine a peaceful river running through the countryside. Tht is your river of well being. When you are in the water, peacefully floating along in your canoe, you feel like you are generally in a good relationship with the world around you. You have a clear understanding of yourself, other people, and your life. You can be flexible and adjust when situations change your stable and at peace. 

Sometimes, though as you float along, you veer to close to the river’s two banks. This causes different problems, depending on which bank you approach. One bank represents chaos, where you feel out of control. Instead of floating in the peaceful river, you are caught up in the pull of tumultuous rapids, and confusion and turmoil rule the day. You need to move away from the bank of chaos and get back into the gentle flow of the river. The other bank represents its own dangers. It is the bank of rigidity, which is the opposite of chaos. As opposed to being out of control rigidity is when you are imposing control on everything and everyone around you. You become completely unwilling to adapt, compromise, or negotiate. Near the bank of rigidity, the water smells stagnant, and reeds and tree branches prevent your canoe from flowing in the river of well being. So one extreme is chaos, where there is lack of control. The other extreme is rigidity, where there is too much control, leading to a lack of flexibility and adaptability. The lobger we can avoid either bank the more time we spend enjoying the river of well being. “Dan Siegel” has been helping children and teens with: behavior, self esteem , mood regulation, life skills, social skills, self esteem, motivation, healthy communication, life paths, creating health and balance in children’s lives for over 20 years. David provides counseling and therapy in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona providing a wide array of techniques to empower children and teens for a lifetime.

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