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When we are in emotional pain we can choose positive coping strategies or negative coping strategies.

Negative coping strategies to cope with stressful situations might be: You spend a great deal of time thinking about past pain, mistakes and problems. You might get very anxious and worry about possible future pains, mistakes and problems. You isolate yourself from other people to avoid distressing situations. You make yourself feel numb with alcohol or drugs. You take your feelings out on other people by getting excessively angry at them or try to control them. You engage in dangerous behaviors like: hitting, cutting, self harm or hurting yourself. You participate in unsafe sexual activities like having frequent unprotected sex or sex with strangers. You avoid dealing with the root cause of your problems, such as an abusive or unhealthy relationship. You use food to punish or control yourself by eating too much, not eating enough, not eating at all, or by throwing up what you eat. You attempt suicide or engage in high risk activities, like reckless driving or taking dangerous amounts of alcohol or drugs. You avoid pleasant activities, such as social events and exercise, maybe because you do not think that you deserve to feel better. You surrender to your pain and resign yourself to living a miserable and unfulfilling life.

The possible costs of these strategies might be: You miss good things that might be happening now and then regret missing those things too, feel depressed about the past. You miss good things that might be happening now; anxiety about the future. You spend more time alone and as a result feel even more depressed.. You have addictions; loss of money, work problems, legal problems, health consequences. Loss of friendships romantic relationships, and family members; other people avoid you; loneliness; feel bad about hurting other people; legal consequences of your actions. Possible death, infection, scarring, shame, physical pain. Sexually transmitted diseases, some life threatening; pregnancy; shame, embarrassment. You put up with destructive relationships, get burned out doing things for other people; don’t get any of your own needs met; depression. You have weight gain, anorexia, bulimia health consequences, medical treatment, embarrassment; shame depression. Lack of enjoyment, lack of exercise, depression; shame; isolation. Lots of pain and stress; regrets about life. Counseling and therapy can teach you wide variety of tools to manage emotions and feelings and pain.

Radical acceptance is a healthy coping mechanism to tolerate stress. Radical acceptance suggests you acknowledge your present situation, whatever  it is, without judging the events or criticizing yourself. Instead, try to recognize that your present situation, whatever it is, without judging the events or criticizing yourself. Instead , try to recognize that your present situation exists because of a long chain of events that began far in the past. Stop trying to change what is happening or what happened by getting angry and blaming the situation. Do  not waste your time and continue to suffer by blaming yourself or the other person. That will not help you. Refocus your attention on what you can do now. This will allow you to think more clearly and figure out a better way to cope with your suffering. has been helping individuals with emotional and behavioral issues for over 20 years.

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