Anxiety and Depression Child Counseling on the rise due to Pandemic Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona Child Therapist.

There has been a great rise in anxiety and depression in Scottsdale and Phoenix and Chandler Arizona due to COVID. Lockdowns, masks, deaths , and pervasive fear that is pumped through; Tv, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, News programs, Commercials, Ads, Billboards, Schools, Freeway digital billboards etc has facilitated mental health issues and made anxiety and depression more pronounced in many children and teens who need counseling in Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona.

Many children and teens feel alone and are isolated. Many children and teens learned to hole up in their rooms and play video games and watch you tube and scroll through instagram and other web sites. The fear of attending school and the alleged dangers of attending school has imprinted many children and teens and their psyches.

Many children and teens started online schooling that isolated them even more than they were when they were playing online video games like: Call Of Duty, Rocket League, League of Legends, Madden 2023, Mood Craft, and the list goes on. Many children have found distractions from the fear based news on their smartphones playing games on their phones or texting or living in an altered reality of fantasy.

Children and teens need human interaction in order to have a balanced healthy life. Children and teenagers in Scottsdale Arizona , Chandler Arizona, and Cave Creek Arizona need interpersonal contact meaning they need to see people eye to eye in person and have intimate conversations with peers. This is a huge part of social development. Children and teens in Scottsdale Az. need to have friends and people they can talk to in person and friends that they can play sports with as well as participate in weekly if not daily activities. These skills are vital in many careers and in most jobs. Communication via video online is not the best if you want to empower your child and teen for success in the future.

Many children and teens are asking their parents if they can attend counseling because they feel out of balance . They are filled with: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, fears and much more. Research shows teens , children, and young adults are pervasive.

Many children are experiencing a great deal of grief and loss. Loss of old friendships and teachers and relationships. Many children and adolescents are dealing with elderly who have passed away due to illness . Schools are seeing a huge rise in needs for counseling services. Most schools are reporting a rise in mental health issues all across the United States.

Many children and teens are depressed and it looks like a lack of motivation or laziness however this is not the case they are suffering from symptoms of a depressed mood and anxiety issues and grief and loss as well as trauma in many instances. David Abrams MAPC LPC CAGS has an advanced graduate specialty in Child Therapy and Family Therapy. He also has an advanced Graduate Degree in Trauma. David specializes in working with counseling and therapy with youth in areas such as: ADHD, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, Motivation, Social Skills, Emotional and behavioral disorders, anger management and mood management.

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