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Teen juveniles

Monday, January 11th, 2010

In an article written by Martha Moore of USA Today titled 12 percent
in juvenile prisons are sexually victimized,
Justice Dept report says.

The article states that in some of the worst facilities over 30
percent of children reported they were sexually victimized.

The article states that juvenile reports of sexual victimization was
over ten percent involving a staff member.

This study involved over 195 facilities throughout the USA.

Society needs support and treatment so victims do not become
Adults need treatment, families need counseling and support,
children , teens, and adults need support: counseling and
psychotherapy to cope with abuse and pain.

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Weight Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe Cave Creek Arizona

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Many nutritionists to not believe that weight surgery should take the
place of exercise and eating healthy foods.

Nutritionists state that many patients suffer from: nutritional
deficits, bowel obstruction, diarrhea, regurgitation of food , etc

The Health Care Research and quality state almost 20 percent suffer
from involuntary vomiting or defecation.

It is important to look at entire health and health involves: diet,
healthy eating, balanced eating, exercise, adequate sleep, stress
management, coping with stress, mood regulation, anger management,
balance at work, balance with family. looks at health : physically, mentally, emotionally,
and teaches individuals skills so they can maintain health and balance
in all areas of life.

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Tiger Woods

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

The greatest golfer on the planet. He is human and allegedly made mistakes regarding adultery and cheating on his wife.

Marriage is not for everyone and if someone wants to date multiple women then one should not get married.

Boundaries are one of the keys to a healthy marriage( what is ok to do and what is not ok or healthy to do)

Many times the children suffer in the wake of a divorce so take your time before you rush into marriage. Marriage should be for life but their may be many bumps in the road…

Addictive thinking teens adults phoenix Arizona

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Many adults an teens struggle to set healthy boundaries . It is the
lack of boundaries and lack of limits that can create : stress,
anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors breed in this environment.

Many teens think it is ok to verbally or physically attack others.
Adolescents attempt to convince others they are right and the person
or idea is wrong.

Judgment based thinking pits one against someone else and is always
looking for a victory. The teen may try to control others with their

The world is seen as dangerous and a threat.

Acceptance based thoughts are about setting healthy boundaries and
communicating in healthy ways without attacking or without sarcasm. We
can agree to disagree without attacking and defending. Phoenix counseling Scottsdale counseling tempe
counseling Glendale counseling Peoria counseling family counseling
Phoenix teen counseling teenager counseling adolescent counseling
child counseling anger management counseling depression counseling
anxiety counseling and more.

Teens and families can learn these healthy communication skills and
build unity among family members.

Addictive Personalitity Tips Anger Phoenix Az

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Here is a tip in working through addictive thinking patterns. It is called acceptance. It is important that you stop: condemning, criticizing, and judging yourself in order to break your addictive thinking pattern.

Stop calling yourself names. Stop telling yourself you are a loser or a mess up. Stop kicking yourself for past challenges. Move into the here and now and tell yourself you are open to acceptance. Accept yourself for all your gifts. Accept yourself for all your strengths. Accept yourself for all you do in this world.

Take time each day and write down what is good and positive about you. Take time each day and write down what you did for others today that was positive. counseling adults Phoenix, phoenix az counseling, counseling Phoenix Arizona, counseling Scottsdale, counseling tempe, counseling Peoria, counseling Ahwatukee, counseling Biltmore Phoenix Arizona, counseling Arcadia Arizona, family counseling Phoenix Az Family counseling Glendale Az family counseling Surprise Arizona, family counsleing scottsdale Arizona. teen counseling, child counseling, counseling college Phoenix Arizona and more.

It is VITAl to do the above before you can truly make change. It is impossible to find peace and love when you are beating yourself all day long!

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