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Teen children adolescent cheating?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Fighting test cheating is big business with the advances in technology . There are concerns such as wirelessly transmitting questions outside of an exam and hacking into the computer based tests .

Over 1.8 million children took the ACT a national college placement exam taken by high school students . The test will be computer based starting in 2015.

Test takers have used advanced technology to download questions or capture their images with digital cameras or other devices while taking a test and then they transmit them wirelessly outside of a testing room. These questions can end up for sale on various web sites.

Major testing companies like CTB/Mcgrawhill are developing security software to sell to schools and licensure boards to protect them from cheating .

Computer based exams are expanding rapidly . We are using technology for a large majority of life activities and this is why tests are becoming more computer based as well .

Wireless technology where students that are cheating have reached people outside of the classroom during a test has been a threat to test taking .

An Individual recently used a tiny video camera in his glasses to transmit questions on a drivers test to a person outside the test room who then was able to relay the correct answers for the test via a small earpiece .

Many educators in high schools prefer pencil and paper testing and are opposed to computerized tests due to : hacking , and the ability to cheat through technology .

Teaching children to be honest is important and that shortcuts will not help them in the long run . Cheating does not pay !

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Adolescents In Arizona and USA not healthy enough for Military

Friday, November 6th, 2009

A report by retired military leaders and Education secretary state that 75 percent of teenagers are no fit enough for military service. The main health issues were: obesity, overweight teenagers, poorly educated adolescents, drug and substance use/abuse, and criminal records.

One in four applicants between the ages of 17 and 24 does not have a high school diploma. Many that do have a diploma fail the militarys entrance exam which is like the SAT for college.

The US education does not focus on physical fitness. We need our children and teenagers physically active and involved in PE, dance, sports, etc.

Teens are spending a majority of time like “couch potatoes”. Teenagers spend time sitting around: playing video games, watching TV, texting, Face-booking, My Spacing, talking on the cell phone, and eating fast food and unhealthy foods. Physically many of the teens are not fit to serve in the military.

Experts believe physical fitness, mental health, and education myust start in pre-school and continue through high School. work with children, teens, adolescents, and families providing counseling and psychotherapy services, educational consulting and services to help youth and adults stay balanced: physically, mentally, emotionally.

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