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Thursday, September 19th, 2013

There is not one component to behavior problems, anger, disrespect, or
mood regulation issues in children, however, there are a few things
that are important. Eating a healthy diet can help balance out mood .

Eating a well balanced diet daily characterized by vegetables, fruits,
berries, poultry, fish,was associated with a lower prevalence of
depressive symptoms and a lower risk of depression. Eating folate is
associated with a decreased risk in depressive symptoms. Vegetables,
whole grains, and fruits are important dietary sources of folate. Eating
processed foods such as: meat that is processed, sugar, manufactured
foods, non organic foods, foods with additives, sugary foods that are
not natural, were associated with depression and depressive symptoms.

Many parents are concerned about side effects of medications and would
prefer a natural approach. Exercise has shown to reduce anxiety and
depressive symptoms in children , teens, and adults. Exercise impacts
the neurotransmitters in the brain and helps re establish positive
behaviors. Exercise that
lasts 30 minutes or more is best however even small amounts of exercise
can help regulate: hormones that cause stress and depressive moods.
and teens that exercise 5 times a week will have a tool to manage
depression and mood. It is one tool children and teenagers can use
however there
are many other tools and skills that children and teens can use to help
manage stress and depressed moods as well as anxiety and anger.
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Friday, June 21st, 2013

Anger creates stress which can lead to physical symptoms including but not limited to : headaches , heart pain and problems , high blood pressure , stomach aches , back aches and more.
It is important to learn how anger affects your body and this will help recognize when you are becoming angry .

Some teenagers and children : cry , feel their face getting hot , grind their teeth , notice heart is beating very fast, break out in a rash all over their body or in certain parts of the body , have difficulty breathing or feel short of breath , get stomach pains or aches , sweat , have tics or twitching , feel dizzy , sick to the stomach , roll eyes, and more .

Knowing what your specific body responses is just one step in becoming aware of when you need to cool it or manage your anger .

There are many counseling techniques used to help manage anger. Anger does not have to turn into fighting and yelling and physical aggression with your family , friends , at school and more .

One big reason it is important to deal with anger is that if left unmanaged it can often turn into addictions like alcohol and marihuana use as well as other unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors .

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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

One in four female teens are involved in some sort of violent
behavior according to recent reports.

Males had a higher rate which was 34 percent.

We need to teach healthy communication skills so teens do nit resort
to violence.

Teenagers can learn ways to cope with:Stress, anxiety, anger,
depression , school stress, social stressor, family stress, academics,
peers and more.

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Angry Child

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

There are many components that lead up to anger in your child. Anger is a normal emotion, however, it is how anger is expressed that makes a child healthy or out of balance.

It is essential to understand your child. Your child has goals and hopes and his goals are what motivates his/her behavior. Take time each day to find out what your child’s feelings are at school, at home, and about him or her self. counseling teens, counseling, children, counseling families, counseling adults.

Eliminate: yelling, judging, and criticism. Criticism discourages a child and crushes their self esteem and spirit.

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Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Anger is a mental health issue that needs to be addressed. The field of psychology places a great deal of focus on anxiety and depression.

More attention needs to be focused on anger issues. Angry teens and violence is a huge concern as well as road rage, domestic violence, violence at the work place, and crimes with a root of unresolved anger.

Anger destroys families, interpersonal relationships,destroys interpersonal It impedes sexual functioning. It negatively effects marital relationships. It has detrimental impacts on work and school performance. counseling anger Phoenix Arizona, anger counseling adults Phoenix Arizona, anger management counseling, anger counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry teen counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry child counseling Phoenix Arizona, angry teens, angry teenagers counseling adolescent anger,adolescent counseling Phoenix Arizona, family counseling Phoenix Arizona, counseling family, counseling problem teen, counseling depression teen Pheonix, counseling depression child Phoenix Arizona.

Anger destroys peoples lives.

Angry Child kills brother in Argument over video game.

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

An 11 year old boy who got beat on a video game by his 9 year old brother accidentally killed him with a shotgun blast.

The gun was allegedly unloaded and was in the closet. Clearly all weapons need to be locked away in a very extreme safe or kept away from children and or teens.

This is a tragedy. Our society has seen many children killing other children with guns that are available around the home. We must value our children and make their safety a priority in our society.

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