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Thursday, September 19th, 2013

There is not one component to behavior problems, anger, disrespect, or
mood regulation issues in children, however, there are a few things
that are important. Eating a healthy diet can help balance out mood .

Eating a well balanced diet daily characterized by vegetables, fruits,
berries, poultry, fish,was associated with a lower prevalence of
depressive symptoms and a lower risk of depression. Eating folate is
associated with a decreased risk in depressive symptoms. Vegetables,
whole grains, and fruits are important dietary sources of folate. Eating
processed foods such as: meat that is processed, sugar, manufactured
foods, non organic foods, foods with additives, sugary foods that are
not natural, were associated with depression and depressive symptoms.

Many parents are concerned about side effects of medications and would
prefer a natural approach. Exercise has shown to reduce anxiety and
depressive symptoms in children , teens, and adults. Exercise impacts
the neurotransmitters in the brain and helps re establish positive
behaviors. Exercise that
lasts 30 minutes or more is best however even small amounts of exercise
can help regulate: hormones that cause stress and depressive moods.
and teens that exercise 5 times a week will have a tool to manage
depression and mood. It is one tool children and teenagers can use
however there
are many other tools and skills that children and teens can use to help
manage stress and depressed moods as well as anxiety and anger.
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Friday, June 21st, 2013

Anger creates stress which can lead to physical symptoms including but not limited to : headaches , heart pain and problems , high blood pressure , stomach aches , back aches and more.
It is important to learn how anger affects your body and this will help recognize when you are becoming angry .

Some teenagers and children : cry , feel their face getting hot , grind their teeth , notice heart is beating very fast, break out in a rash all over their body or in certain parts of the body , have difficulty breathing or feel short of breath , get stomach pains or aches , sweat , have tics or twitching , feel dizzy , sick to the stomach , roll eyes, and more .

Knowing what your specific body responses is just one step in becoming aware of when you need to cool it or manage your anger .

There are many counseling techniques used to help manage anger. Anger does not have to turn into fighting and yelling and physical aggression with your family , friends , at school and more .

One big reason it is important to deal with anger is that if left unmanaged it can often turn into addictions like alcohol and marihuana use as well as other unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors .

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Teens are at times taught that anger is bad. Anger is an emotion and can be used for good or for bad. Expressing anger in a health way without harming someone or self can be very positive. In fact it is unhealthy for teens to stuff their anger and act as if all is great when in fact they are very angry.

Anger that is not processed may likely ooze out in unhealthy ways: violence, verbal abuse, risky behaviors, attacking and judging others, Substance abuse, depression, anxiety and much more.

Healthy emotions and communication is dealing with ones feelings daily and not stuffing them down or avoiding them with: TV, internet, texting, cell, video games etc…this may be ok for a short time but eventually the anger will build and then there will be an expression of unhealthy anger because the avoidance becomes a habit and this will not work in the long run.

Take the time to help your child or teen cope with his or her anger sooner than later.

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Sunday, October 25th, 2009

There are many signs that your teen may have an anger issue here are a list of some
behaviors that indicate and anger problem for teenagers:

Frequent Physical fights at school, peers, and family.

Property damage: holes in walls , doors, breaking things etc.

Numb to feelings of others.

I do not care attitude.

Member of a violent group.

Use of drugs and alcohol

Cruelty to animals.

Fascination with weapons.

Been the victim or verbal or physical abuse.

There are many issues that can create anger and the good news is there are ways to manage anger and become healthy.

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Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Angry and hostile teenagers make the family  feel frustrated and helpless and in reality the teen feels helpless as well. Homes that provide guidance, structure, and responsibility are vital.

There is a clear difference in allowing a teenager to find his independence and to allow a teenager the freedom to do whatever he/she wants to do.
It is normal to experience anger and defiance when the parent/parents assert rules into the home.It will be easier to reintroduce rules if their is structure that is already in place in the home. It is important to be consistent as well as to schedule time to listen to your teens: thoughts, feelings, and hopes. If a teenager is not communicating with either parent this is a red flag and shows that communication needs to be worked on daily.
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