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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Children and teens have stress daily. Many children have anxiety and the real question is if your child is missing out on life’s opportunities due to one’s anxiety. Anxiety can be managed and there are many tools your child can learn to regulate stress, anxiety, as well as behaviors. There are a few causes of anxiety that we know: genetics are a big component, traumatic or upsetting events can trigger anxiety, how one was raised and past events that are impacting your child today.

One research and evidence based therapy I use that has great results is cognitive behavioral counseling or therapy. I work with each individual child and help them understand the connection between our  thoughts, feelings, and our behavior that we act upon daily.Automatic unconscious thoughts that evolve can spark anxiety. Learning to become aware of unhealthy and twisted thoughts that do not have validity or truth is taught in a manner that is easy for your child to understand. As we learn to question these unhealthy thoughts we can then change them to healthy positive thoughts and overcome our anxiety.

There are two ways of looking at our thoughts. The first is to find out if our thoughts are accurate? The second way is to to see if the way we are thinking is leading us toward avoidance or toward a value system of ours. After your child learns to identify distorted thoughts he or she can learn alternative  ways to help move through the anxiety and face the situation that is: scary, fearful etc.

There are a number of research based tools that I use including behavior modification, dot, EMDR, exposure therapy, imagery, mindfulness and more that each child can learn and can feel safe and secure and at peace when anxiety arises. These tools can be used for: panic, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias and more.

Facing your child’s fear head on is vital to help him or her feel confident and master anxiety.Learning these skills and more will help build self esteem and will free our chip up to embrace his or her life and create a happy and healthy life.

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Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Obsessive compulsive Disorder appears many times during teen and

Many people have developed repetitive behaviors they feel they must
do. The behaviors may cause them angst, pain, and impact their life
but they still need to follow through with the behavior.

OCD is defined by how severe the trait is….how often they are in an
individuals thoughts and the negative impact on ones life.

Some compulsions: washing hands over and over again, repeating motions
in a specific order, making sure all items are in a certain space.

Counseling can help tremendously with obsessive compulsive disorder.

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