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Monday, February 6th, 2017

Child and teenage Anxiety often manifests as a physical symptom like pain, fatigue, or inability to sleep. 30 percent of patients seen by primary care practitioners have at least one ANXIETY disorder.

Having their children follow healthy lifestyle behaviors may be an effective intervention either alongside or in the place of traditional ADHD medications.

Depressed teenagers who received cognitive behavioral therapy also known as CBT in their recovered faster, and were also more likely to recover, than children and teens who did not receive counseling and psychotherapy services, this study was published in a pediatric journal recently in 2015.

Self-reported child and adolescent sleep across the last twenty fiver years are concerning and suggest that there is potentially a significant public health concern that warrants education for parents and counseling education for youth and teens in the USA.

There is a connection and awareness among the scientific community that insomnia, depression and anxiety disorders are linked with each other. The risks are psychological, emotional, social, and more and must be addressed as a system.

Having insomnia in addition to anxiety or depression can further intensify the problems being experienced with each individual disorder. It can lead to such problems as alcohol and drug misuse during adolescence.


Children and teenagers can experience stressors which can interfere with sleep. Consumption of energy drinks – which contain caffeine – is also known to disrupt sleep, as is use of certain medications: aniti-depressants etc. A majority of children and teens are spending 40-50 hours more than they should each week playing or involved w electronics: video games, you tube, TV, Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook, Texting, gaming, and more on the internet. Research shows that this also is impacting sleep which is connected with motivation, mood, anxiety, depression and more. It may exacerbate symptoms or create mood disorders.

The use of certain psychiatric medications during pregnancy can result in children born with depression by early teens and adolescence. A great deal of research from Finland, and other countries have found found that children exposed to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) during gestation had more chance of being diagnosed with depression after age 12.

What is best for your child? Working with an expert in counseling that can treat children and teens and families. One type of therapy is not the only technique to create change. A wide array of therapies can help a child manage his mood, behaviors, anxiety and depression. A holistic and a multi systemic approach is the best prevention and the best way to facilitate desired changes for your child and teenager.

Receiving input form parents on daily and weekly behaviors and working together to modify unhealthy habits and routines as well as setting up a system that is reward based for positive behaviors is vital in creating balance and success for your

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