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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

A child or adolescent teen with present symptoms of Asperger syndrome would fall in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder based on the new DSM the bible used by psychiatrists and other mental health providers used to diagnose mental health disorders.(2013)

There are NO medications that directly treat the corse symptoms of Aspergers syndrome ( Autism Spectrum). Behavioral interventions and Environmental accommodations combined with parenting skills and family and individual counseling have shown great success. Learning to identify emotions in self and others is a big part of Aspergers however many children and adults also have difficulty identifying emotions in general. It is important to merge thinking and feeling and find a balance for health and success.

Aspergers children respond best with a great deal of structure in the home. Parents can create boundaries and a social contract as well as a daily schedule to assist with Asperger’s children to create success. Parent’s can facilitate social activities for their child with peers or friends however it works best if the parent is involved and their is structured activities and a plan to follow.

Breaking down appropriate and specific social behaviors into small steps that can be practiced daily is helpful for social interactions and communication. Learning to maneuver in anxiety producing situations through progressive relaxation, mindfulness, visualization and other skills is extremely helpful. Building self esteem through the child’s strength’s is helpful as well.

Depression, anxiety, inattention, and aggression can be addressed in counseling through a therapist that has skills to address these behaviors. LifeworksAZ has worked with thousands of youth and families that struggle with: social skills, anger management, mood regulation, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, ADD, and ADHD. Behavior modification tools for the family combined with a variety of tools in therapy will help your child with mood and social skills.CBT therapy an evidence based therapy has shown excellent results in children and teens relating to anger management, explosive emotions, anxiety and depression. Children can learn how to improve on their communication skills as well as breaking unhealthy repetitive routines or behaviors.Working on perceptual social challenges with non verbal communication and problems with the ability to draw social inferences is important.

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Saturday, August 31st, 2013
Aspergers syndrome now labeled a form of autism in the DSM first and foremost a social disorder. Children and teenagers with
Aspergers-(autistic spectrum disorder)are not only socially isolated but
also demonstrate an unbalanced range or type of social as well as
interpersonal interactions that cannot be explained by other factors
such as shyness, short attention span, aggressive behavior, or lack of
experience in a given area. Children and teens with Aspergers syndrome
also often have a lot of frustration, anger, anxiety, and a depressed
mood due to their struggle in understanding their social
Children and teens with Aspergers may display social withdrawal and detachment to healthy social
interactions at school as well as at home.  Aspergers children,
kids, are thought to be socially inflexible, socially awkward,
emotionally blunted, self absorbed and struggle with social prompts. A
lack of understanding of what is socially appropriate is a huge
challenge. Learning  socially appropriate behaviors can take time
however it can be taught so do not give up. Learning tools to display
socially appropriate  and acceptable behaviors can be reinforced
through behavior modification,  Play/sports therapy, CBT therapy,
Family counseling and specific parenting skills to increase healthy
behaviors. An integrative approach combining individual and parenting skills is
best for positive outcomes.
Aspergers children and youth are often targets of: teasing, verbal abuse, physical abuse,
bullying, and more that can spiral into: aggression, emotional and
behavioral issues, conduct problems, aggression, anger that is
out of balance, ADHD like behaviors and more can surface if the
child is not treated through counseling and therapy.

There are a wide variety of helpful treatments for Aspergers that help a child learn better social
skills and communication cues, to help them be able to interact socially
more naturally.  Therapy that focuses on learning ways to cope with
the symptoms and pick up on social cues is vital. Most children, teens,
and adults with Aspergers syndrome can lead perfectly normal and healthy

Research states it is essential to have a therapist
that has rapport with children to facilitate desired change with
Aspergers children. Ideal treatment for counseling and therapy combines
individual counseling with family and parenting education and training.
Addressing: social skills, motor skills, mood regulation, behavior
modification are important for Aspergers kids. Stay positive I have seen
a great deal of children manage their Asperger’s challenges and have
healthy and happy successful lives.

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Friday, March 29th, 2013

More information has been disclosed regarding the Newton Killer.

Adam Lanza’s mom told friends that her son had a form of autism . She stated that he was struggling in school academically. His mom also stated he was being bullied at his school .

Nancy Lanza ( the mom) reported her son was isolating in his room and was fixated on playing video games .

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders are often bullied in school as well as at work . Children and teens with autistic disorders also suffer from depression . These children may suffer from anxiety as well as suicidal thoughts . Violence is not a by product of autism however a combination of : being victimized and bullied , limited social skills and friendships , anxiety , low self esteem , feeling like one does not fit in socially , feeling depresses and isolating are all huge red flags that a child needs professional support in counseling and therapy to alleviate symptoms . Professional treatment is important .

It is clear that bullying can have devastating effects on a child’s emotional and mental health .

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